Website Maintenance Completed – New Site Up

After much anticipation, our first phase of the new website is up and running. A few little bugs here and there, but I think we gave it a thorough walk through to find anything that might cause problems to our customers. We’ll be monitoring support to answer any questions or issues that might come up.

A HUGE “Thanks” to our “Colombian Crusher“, “NEO” and the man behind the look, “The Eclecticist“. These guys are making it all happen. (Side Note: Dustin wants everyone to know he has nothing to do with the design you see once you login.) 😐

If you have any of our old pages bookmarked, consider updating the bookmarks because any pages that have changed names or were deleted, will be removed permanently within the next day or two. If you come across anything out of the ordinary, please report it so we can make things right.

Our next phase will be upgrading the part all current customers see daily, the Control Center. This is what most will be happy to see updated, including us!

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Scheduled Maintenance Thursday 5.31.07 at 3PM CST

Tomorrow, Thursday, May 31, 2007, we will be locking account access between the hours of 3:00-5:00PM Central Standard Time. During this time we will be applying upgrades to our website.

Our support system, blog and message forum will not be affected during this time and can be accessed for any changes or updates during the upgrades.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause and urge all customers to report any bugs/issues found once we turn the site back online.

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New Affiliate Banners Available

We’ve finally updated our affiliate section with quite a few up to date banners. You should find one that fits your site and if not, drop us a line to let us know what size would work best for you.

To find the banners, login to your Control Center (Partner Accounts Only), click the Affiliates option, then look for the Banners link. Use the code provided and it will pull the banner from our server and your affiliate code will be in the code.

A big thanks to Dustin, our new graphic/web developer for putting them together.

If you have any questions, please contact support.

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Update on LinkInTxt 2.0 – Spider Process

We have been averaging 5-10 messages each day since we announced a much easier way to setup LinkInTxt for large sites. This led me to give another update so those eager beavers who are ready to rock n roll can get a better time line on when L.I.T. will be available.

So are you ready?. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . The Year 2020

It will be purring like a kitten on January 12, 2020. You may be asking yourself, “Why in the world would a new product take 12.5 years to upgrade?” Well, hopefully I can make things understandable in the best way I can. With the new product, the difficulties and time required didn’t make sense, so we began working on a way to have our daily spider check all pages of all partners for keywords. Once that point was reached, there were space issues. . .BIG space issues. So we’re working on building a huge data warehouse that will have a state of the art facility and top of the line machines and the fastest fiber available.

Once the data warehouse gets constructed we should be completed in probably 2021, we are going to spend the next 1-2 years installing the systems. “IF” this schedule goes on time, that would leave the beta and reworking the code.

Ok, Ok, I was making all of that up. LinkInTxt should be up and running in 3 weeks! HAHA… I GOT YOU!!!

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LinkInTxt 2.0 Already In The Works

Partners who have set up LinkInTxt pages for keywords will understand the time consumption involved. With inputs from our staff, our customers and some additional creative thinking, we have found the perfect solution to sell in-content keywords. Just a quick insight, rather than submitting individual pages, you will be able to just list a url and our bot will do the rest based on your selections.

I also wanted to give a special note to our Dallas Mavericks and the Mavs fans for making it through another game. Golden State is on a hot streak and we still beat them. Take the game Thursday in Golden State, then I like our chances back in Dallas.

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Upcoming Change to LinkWorth Signup Process

Along with our new site design (coming to a theater near you), there will be a few additional changes that will accompany our site relaunch. One of these will be a change to our current sign up process.

Over 3 years ago when we first opened up, our system was a simple one trick pony and we had no idea we would grow as big as we have and add as many new product offerings in the process. Back then, the sign up process required new users to enter almost everything needed before the account was created and if you were an advertiser, we required an initial $25 deposit that went directly to your account.

We have listened to our customers recommendations and have also spent a lot of time making sure we get things right with this relaunch. The account creation, or sign up process, is one of our big changes. We ask for the basic information needed to get an account created, then once you have created your account and validated your email, just login and complete the steps necessary for the product or service you might need. We’ll have wizards that will walk you through setting up each part required.

Here is a quick glimpse of the new sign up form. You will see the simplicity, along with the exciting new look of our upcoming website.

LinkWorth Signup

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LinkWorth Launches LinkPost, LinkInTxt, LinkArt & LinkDir

We are happy to announce that we’re officially launching two new products to both Advertiser and Partner Accounts. Both products can be found by logging in to your LinkWorth Control Center (LCC) and navigating to the /PRODUCTS menu option. Under this menu option, you will see the two new products, with 2 recently launched products:

LinkDir || LinkInTxt || LinkPost || LinkArt

LinkPost – Paid Blog Reviews

The blogging community has become somewhat of an authority when it comes to spreading or beginning a buzz about anything at all. Each blog comes with it’s dedicated readers and whatever is written usually will hold some sort of power. Take a small percentage of bloggers who initially read a LinkPost, then they reference it on their blog and the torch continues to be passed. LinkPost is a way for Advertisers to tap into this phenomenon by creating outlines of their product and/or service, then submit that outline to as many selected bloggers as they wish. Staying within your own category will yield the best results, but if you must stray outside of your market, try to make the selection something neutral to ensure visitors will be somewhat interested. Once the requests are sent to the Partner account, the Partner will review the request and guidelines, then make a decision if the request is something they agree to do. If they do not agree with anything, a simple decline of the offer and it is rejected. If the offer is accepted, the Partner has up to 10 days to publish the post on their blog and finalize the transaction within their LinkWorth Control Center. We do recommend using our “SPONSORED LINKPOST” image or mentioning that the post has been sponsored in some way to ensure your readers can differentiate between what is paid and what is not. Payment term is for one single entry into your blog and the post should remain live for a minimum of 12 months, but preferably for the life of the blog. Partners/bloggers earn up to 70% of each sale.

LinkInTxt – In-Text LinkAds

One of the biggest complaints with typical text link ads is the actual location they end up in. They might appear in the right sidebar on the very bottom, or possibly the LinkAds are appearing in the foot of the page in a very light colored font causing you to get absolutely zero clicks. Now lets say we take the keywords found within the body of content, then replace a keyword or phrase with a link back to your website or page, would you be interested then? I think we know the answer! LinkInTxt is the selling of keywords and key phrases with in the text of a page already written. Partners can utilize the great posts they have already written and monetize those pages with extremely unobtrusive LinkAds. Advertisers will get better click-thru rates than many other forms of online advertising. It’s one of our most innovative products and we’re extremely happy to have it ready to go.

LinkArt – Article Directory Submission

Time is money, and money is time. LinkArt is a service that frees up your time so you can focus on making your money. Directory submission done correctly will be an extremely time consuming product that can also bring in the money. The first step would be to have a write up about your product or service, (LinkWorth can also write your content for you). Once the article is saved in your Control Center and approved by our editorial department, just click the purchase button, select type of payment ($299 or $399 if We Write It), then confirm. If the LinkArt was already written, this is all that is required. The automated process has begun and is running in the background. You can view the history section at any time for your results and also click the check mark to see if your article has been found by Google, Yahoo, ,MSN or ASK. This product is available in both Advertiser and Partner accounts.

LinkDir – Directory Submission Services

Another time saving product we offer to both Advertiser and Partner accounts is our directory submission services; LinkDir. LinkDir is a very simple form to complete, enter various anchor text (keywords), URL’s and a description. Once payment is made, real human beings will go to each directory website, including DMOZ, Jayde, Stopdog & Search for Sight to name a few, and manually enter your desired information into each form. Each submission screenshot is saved, along with the confirmation page. All of this is available upon request to help validate the submissions.

If there are any questions at all, please do not hesitate in asking our support department at

A last note of interest is for WordPress users. We’re almost ready to run a beta launch of a fancy new wp plugin that will make selling ads in your blog a breeze. So we’re going to be on the lookout for a few great WordPress users. We would like well versed WP users and we would also like beginner to novice users. If you are interested, please send an email to:


Send to admin ( @ ) linkworth (.) com (separated for obvious reasons)

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LinkArt – Article Submission Service

We have been announcing a few new products lately and while this particular product was launched last week, I thought I would go ahead and give it an official announcement. We have developed an article submission service which we call “LinkArt”. LinkArt takes the daunting task of manually submitting articles to each site out of the equation, allowing you to spend your valuable time doing other more important things.

Submitting articles to a long list of article directories is a lot like submitting a press release, the word is spread out to news type sites and those sites distribute your articles to their affiliates. It’s a great way to get information out to a very large audience. We have an extensive list currently and we’re constantly adding new sites.

In addition to getting the word out, the articles will eventually be indexed by the search engines allowing positive pages to begin appearing about your product, service or company in general. Here is an example article submission site.

LinkArt is available to both Advertiser and Partner accounts. Login and look under the “Products” menu option. Create a new article and submit for approval. Once we review and ensure your article is formatted correctly, click the “Purchase” option, pay the one time fee of $299 and submit. Our system does the rest in the background. You can check the “History” section for the results.

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SES NYC – Journal 2 – Pub Crawl

With flying in to NYC Monday evening, we had our light night to prepare for our Tuesday exhibit hall shake down. It was just our plan to hit the hall Tuesday, then sessions and meetings Wednesday and so on. Once we get all registered in, and gather all our swag, we dart for the exhibit hall. For those who do not know the next thing that happened, we get rejected. Tuesday was the day all of the booths setup. Bad planning on my part. . .or WAS it?

After walking around in circles for a couple of hours, we realized our client meeting was not for another 4-5 hours, so we claimed some real estate at a nice little pub called “Faces & Names“. A place I try to go every stop through NYC. It’s a very laid back but exciting bar. Great food and very nice locals come in. Well, we sat down around 3pm and finally had to head over to meet our client by 8pm. We had a great dinner and our waiter was one we’ll always remember. . DONE! After dinner, our client Jeff, who lives in midtown, took us to several bars, then had two of his girl friends show up; one oddly from Google!

The pub crawl continued, vision grew blurry and speech turned to mush. We had meetings in the morning and my business owner instincts began to take over, so I random left Matt at the bar with the locals. For the record, I did call for his name a few times. So I finally get home at 3:30AM!! 12 hours later. Then here comes Matt at 4. Needless to say, the morning meeting seemed bleak! But no despair, while I was talking on the phone saying I might need to push the meeting back, the other party messaged me wanting to push it back. Seems they were hit by the same party bug, NYC.

Our meetings were pushed back but were fulfilled. They were very productive and well worth our trip. It’s also so great to put faces to names. One thing the internet will probably never have and that’s true personality.

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SES NYC – Journal-1 – Antonio

Once our bags show up, the fake Samual L. Jackson, an independent town car driver, offered to drive us for a set price. With reluctance, we hired him for the ride. Well, rather than take us out to a car on the curb, we walked our luggage out to a distant parking lot to a 1983 Lincoln Town Car. Anxiety crossed our minds thinking we were going to be robbed, but Antonio quickly changed our minds with his over politeness, the smooth sounds of his “Kenny G” cd playing in the background and his very subtle whistling.

Antonio made a definite point to learn our names and us learn his, and then told us that right then he was our driver, but the minute we hit the city, “we’re his friends!” (insert strong Bronx accent) And he went on, “Yeah, there is a $200 per infraction charge if they catch anyone offering rides outside of the taxi union. So we met downtown on 10th street and he’s just giving us a ride”. Of course, what were we suppose to say?

To follow up on this experience, after all the time we spent with him going over the fact he was “Antonio” and we were “Matt & Ron”, as we were pulling into our hotel he says, “Now it’s Brian & Ron, right?” And after all the promises of taking care of us whenever we needed rides during our stay, it was very surprising that he never checked up on us.

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