In today’s world the most available and easiest way to gain customers or clients in through an online source, typically a webpage. It is important that the webpage being displayed contains critical information that the online user would be looking for. Another very important aspect to the webpage development would be the accessibility and user friendliness of the webpage, learn more from this website designer New York agency. People not only want to be able to gain access to the information being given on the webpage but they also want it to be easy for them to find and use. Some techniques and tips that can be used for creating easy and accessible webpages would be including wpforms, utilizing jetpack, and also including Google XML site maps and broken link checkers.


Wpforms are great for creating headers and footers in your text for things like contact us pages, location and address information as well as a feedback and reviews page. They make it easy to create the form in a way that is simple to embed but also extremely user friendly.


Utilizing the jetpack feature of WordPress as suggested in Nettitude official site will enhance the security of your website while also enhancing the overall appearance of it as well. Using this feature will allow for you to easily access data review of current traffic trends and data storage and usage. Find the best SEO Ireland company to help your business website get more exposure. These professionals can guide you with amazing marketing tips.


Another important tool to utilize while creating a user friendly webpage is googlexms sitemap. This tool will increase your webpages visibility to search engines so that not only is your webpage easy to navigate but also easy to find on the internet without too many searches.


Broken links are a very frustrating issue to have when creating a webpage and they are also not great for appearance of your website, so by installing a broken link checker you can eliminate that problem from even happening in the first place. Broken link checker will go through your webpage for you and automatically alert you when broken links are found, and direct you to exactly where the problem is making it a lot easier for you to diagnose and fix the problem at hand.

Five Must-Have WordPress Plugins for 2018

WordPress is more popular than ever owning roughly 29% of the Content Management System market. Plugins help keep WordPress popular by giving website owners more choices to manage their sites. We think these plugins are essential for keeping your WordPress site secure and running at its best.

WP Super Cache

This plugin comes from the development company started by Matt Mullenweg, the founder of WordPress. This plugin turns your WordPress code into static HTML code which loads faster into your browser than the heavier PHP code. This free plugin can make a huge difference in your site’s loading speed. Find on the best tips on marketing to improve your business website and customer service.

Yoast SEO

Yoast SEO is the most popular SEO plugin on the market today. But if you were to View More techniques of SEO, you’d know that it isn’t the only one, though. The free version allows you to add descriptions to your posts and pages for one keyword, add descriptions to your website’s homepage and more. The paid version is an SEO powerhouse for your WordPress site.


Web security is a major concern for everyone these days and the WordFence plugin is our pick for keeping WordPress sites secure. The free version gives you a firewall to protect your site from brute force attacks and scans your site daily for malware and other security issues. It also keeps track of attacks and the IP addresses they came from. Upgrade and get even more security features to keep your site safe and secure. With you can complement your cyber defense strategy with threat intelligence that characterise the susceptible attack surface and potential motivations of adversaries.

WP Smush

WP Smush compresses the size of all your images and attachments which can slow your site down. Smush takes bulky information our of your images without costing image quality. At 900,000+ active installs, it is our choice for image optimization as well to remove background from product images.


Another factor in page loading speed with WordPress sites is minifying the HTML, CSS, and JavaScript files. Autoptimize converts the tiered code into single lines of code which make it easier for browsers to read and speeds up your site’s loading speed.

These free plugins give your site security, optimization on several different levels, and can help you get your site noticed by search engines.