Along with our new site design (coming to a theater near you), there will be a few additional changes that will accompany our site relaunch. One of these will be a change to our current sign up process.

Over 3 years ago when we first opened up, our system was a simple one trick pony and we had no idea we would grow as big as we have and add as many new product offerings in the process. Back then, the sign up process required new users to enter almost everything needed before the account was created and if you were an advertiser, we required an initial $25 deposit that went directly to your account.

We have listened to our customers recommendations and have also spent a lot of time making sure we get things right with this relaunch. The account creation, or sign up process, is one of our big changes. We ask for the basic information needed to get an account created, then once you have created your account and validated your email, just login and complete the steps necessary for the product or service you might need. We’ll have wizards that will walk you through setting up each part required.

Here is a quick glimpse of the new sign up form. You will see the simplicity, along with the exciting new look of our upcoming website.

LinkWorth Signup