We have been announcing a few new products lately and while this particular product was launched last week, I thought I would go ahead and give it an official announcement. We have developed an article submission service which we call “LinkArt”. LinkArt takes the daunting task of manually submitting articles to each site out of the equation, allowing you to spend your valuable time doing other more important things.

Submitting articles to a long list of article directories is a lot like submitting a press release, the word is spread out to news type sites and those sites distribute your articles to their affiliates. It’s a great way to get information out to a very large audience. We have an extensive list currently and we’re constantly adding new sites.

In addition to getting the word out, the articles will eventually be indexed by the search engines allowing positive pages to begin appearing about your product, service or company in general. Here is an example article submission site.

LinkArt is available to both Advertiser and Partner accounts. Login and look under the “Products” menu option. Create a new article and submit for approval. Once we review and ensure your article is formatted correctly, click the “Purchase” option, pay the one time fee of $299 and submit. Our system does the rest in the background. You can check the “History” section for the results.