We are happy to announce that we’re officially launching two new products to both Advertiser and Partner Accounts. Both products can be found by logging in to your LinkWorth Control Center (LCC) and navigating to the /PRODUCTS menu option. Under this menu option, you will see the two new products, with 2 recently launched products:

LinkDir || LinkInTxt || LinkPost || LinkArt

LinkPost – Paid Blog Reviews

The blogging community has become somewhat of an authority when it comes to spreading or beginning a buzz about anything at all. Each blog comes with it’s dedicated readers and whatever is written usually will hold some sort of power. Take a small percentage of bloggers who initially read a LinkPost, then they reference it on their blog and the torch continues to be passed. LinkPost is a way for Advertisers to tap into this phenomenon by creating outlines of their product and/or service, then submit that outline to as many selected bloggers as they wish. Staying within your own category will yield the best results, but if you must stray outside of your market, try to make the selection something neutral to ensure visitors will be somewhat interested. Once the requests are sent to the Partner account, the Partner will review the request and guidelines, then make a decision if the request is something they agree to do. If they do not agree with anything, a simple decline of the offer and it is rejected. If the offer is accepted, the Partner has up to 10 days to publish the post on their blog and finalize the transaction within their LinkWorth Control Center. We do recommend using our “SPONSORED LINKPOST” image or mentioning that the post has been sponsored in some way to ensure your readers can differentiate between what is paid and what is not. Payment term is for one single entry into your blog and the post should remain live for a minimum of 12 months, but preferably for the life of the blog. Partners/bloggers earn up to 70% of each sale.

LinkInTxt – In-Text LinkAds

One of the biggest complaints with typical text link ads is the actual location they end up in. They might appear in the right sidebar on the very bottom, or possibly the LinkAds are appearing in the foot of the page in a very light colored font causing you to get absolutely zero clicks. Now lets say we take the keywords found within the body of content, then replace a keyword or phrase with a link back to your website or page, would you be interested then? I think we know the answer! LinkInTxt is the selling of keywords and key phrases with in the text of a page already written. Partners can utilize the great posts they have already written and monetize those pages with extremely unobtrusive LinkAds. Advertisers will get better click-thru rates than many other forms of online advertising. It’s one of our most innovative products and we’re extremely happy to have it ready to go.

LinkArt – Article Directory Submission

Time is money, and money is time. LinkArt is a service that frees up your time so you can focus on making your money. Directory submission done correctly will be an extremely time consuming product that can also bring in the money. The first step would be to have a write up about your product or service, (LinkWorth can also write your content for you). Once the article is saved in your Control Center and approved by our editorial department, just click the purchase button, select type of payment ($299 or $399 if We Write It), then confirm. If the LinkArt was already written, this is all that is required. The automated process has begun and is running in the background. You can view the history section at any time for your results and also click the check mark to see if your article has been found by Google, Yahoo, ,MSN or ASK. This product is available in both Advertiser and Partner accounts.

LinkDir – Directory Submission Services

Another time saving product we offer to both Advertiser and Partner accounts is our directory submission services; LinkDir. LinkDir is a very simple form to complete, enter various anchor text (keywords), URL’s and a description. Once payment is made, real human beings will go to each directory website, including DMOZ, Jayde, Stopdog & Search for Sight to name a few, and manually enter your desired information into each form. Each submission screenshot is saved, along with the confirmation page. All of this is available upon request to help validate the submissions.

If there are any questions at all, please do not hesitate in asking our support department at support@linkworth.com.

A last note of interest is for WordPress users. We’re almost ready to run a beta launch of a fancy new wp plugin that will make selling ads in your blog a breeze. So we’re going to be on the lookout for a few great WordPress users. We would like well versed WP users and we would also like beginner to novice users. If you are interested, please send an email to:

EMAIL: YourEmail@whereyoucanreadthem.com

Send to admin ( @ ) linkworth (.) com (separated for obvious reasons)