How Backlinks Work With Google Rankings

Its no secret that Google values links. Even with the hundreds of updates they do on a yearly basis, the one thing that always remains the same is how much they emphasize backlinks.

Optimal Nutrition for Testosterone: The 6 Best Vitamins

Incorporating the right vitamins into your diet can make a significant difference. Several key nutrients have been shown to influence hormone production in the body, supporting optimal testosterone function. Let’s dive into the six best vitamins that you should consider adding to your daily routine.

Learn how specific nutrients can influence hormone production in your body.

Vitamin B6 is an essential vitamin. It plays a crucial role in regulating the production of androgens, which are hormones responsible for male characteristics. By ensuring an adequate intake of vitamin B6, you can support optimal testosterone synthesis.

Another vital nutrient is vitamin B12. This vitamin aids in red blood cell formation and supports overall energy levels. Studies have suggested a positive correlation between vitamin B12 levels and testosterone concentrations in men. Including foods rich in vitamin B12, such as fish, meat, and dairy products, can be beneficial for maintaining healthy testosterone levels Get More Info

Explore the latest research on vitamin supplementation for optimal testosterone function.

Research has shown promising results regarding certain vitamins’ impact on testosterone function. For instance, studies suggest that vitamin D may play a role in enhancing testosterone levels. Vitamin D receptors are present in testicular tissue, indicating its potential involvement in hormone regulation. Sun exposure and dietary sources like fatty fish and fortified dairy products can help maintain adequate vitamin D levels.

Zinc is another essential mineral linked to testosterone production. It acts as a cofactor for enzymes involved in hormone synthesis and has been associated with improved sperm quality as well. Oysters, beef, pumpkin seeds, and spinach are excellent dietary sources of zinc that can contribute to healthy testosterone levels.

Understand which foods are rich sources of these essential vitamins.

To ensure you’re getting enough of these vital vitamins, it’s crucial to incorporate foods that are rich in them. For vitamin B6, consider consuming poultry, fish, bananas, and avocados. Foods like eggs, shellfish, and fortified cereals can provide an adequate amount of vitamin B12.

Sunlight is a natural source. Spending time outdoors can help your body produce this essential nutrient. Fatty fish like salmon and mackerel, as well as fortified dairy products and egg yolks, are excellent dietary sources of vitamin D.

Get practical tips on incorporating these vitamins into your daily diet.

Incorporating these vitamins into your daily diet doesn’t have to be complicated. Here are some practical tips to help you ensure you’re getting enough:

Include a variety of fruits and vegetables in your meals to boost your intake of essential vitamins.

Opt for lean meats such as chicken or turkey breast for a good source of vitamin B6.

Consider adding seafood like salmon or trout to benefit from both vitamin D and zinc.

Snack on nuts and seeds like almonds or pumpkin seeds for an extra dose of zinc throughout the day.

If necessary, consult with a healthcare professional about supplements to complement your nutrition plan.

Impact of Semenax on Semen Volume

Are you looking to enhance your sexual experience and boost your fertility? Look no further than Semenax. This revolutionary supplement has been clinically proven to significantly increase semen volume, leading to more intense orgasms and improved reproductive health.

Clinical studies have shown that Semenax can significantly increase semen volume.

Semenax has undergone rigorous clinical trials to evaluate its effectiveness in boosting semen volume. The results are impressive. According to these studies, men who took Semenax regularly experienced a remarkable increase in their ejaculate volume.

In fact, some participants reported up to a staggering 500% more ejaculate after incorporating Semenax into their daily routine. This astounding increase can have a profound impact on your sexual satisfaction and overall confidence see here timesofisrael.

Users may experience up to 500% more ejaculate after taking Semenax regularly.

Imagine the pleasure of experiencing up to five times more ejaculate during intimate moments with your partner. With Semenax, this is not just a dream but an achievable reality.

By consistently taking this powerful supplement as directed, you can witness a significant surge in your semen volume. This boost not only enhances the intensity of your orgasms but also adds an element of excitement and satisfaction to your sexual encounters.

Increased semen volume can lead to more intense orgasms and improved fertility.

The benefits of increased semen volume extend beyond the realm of pleasure alone. When you produce larger amounts of seminal fluid, it amplifies the contractions during ejaculation, resulting in more intense orgasms that leave you feeling completely fulfilled.

Moreover, if you are trying to conceive, higher semen volume plays a crucial role in improving fertility. It increases the chances of sperm reaching their destination successfully and fertilizing an egg. Therefore, if you and your partner are planning for parenthood or simply want peace of mind regarding reproductive health, Semenax can be a game-changer for you.

The unique formulation of Semenax supports the body’s natural processes for producing semen.

What sets Semenax apart from other supplements on the market is its exceptional formulation. This proprietary blend of ingredients is specifically designed to support and enhance your body’s natural processes for producing semen.

Semenax contains a powerful combination of amino acids, herbal extracts, and essential nutrients that work synergistically to optimize semen production. These ingredients have been carefully selected based on scientific research and traditional knowledge to ensure maximum effectiveness.

By nourishing your reproductive system with these potent ingredients, Semenax helps your body produce larger volumes of high-quality semen. This not only boosts your sexual performance but also promotes overall reproductive wellness.

What Is a Backlink and How Does It Impact Search Engine Optimization

A backlink is a link that has been placed on one website and points back to another website as a part of a marketing strategy. If a visitor should click on the backlink either a generic or naked url they will be redirected to the website that is being linked to. While links are most commonly attached to words and phrases, they can also be attached to images or simply left “naked”. When it comes to search engine optimization, to get the best results you should have a thorough link building strategy in place. If you just start spamming your links everywhere you will end up doing more harm than good. A good Frisco SEO company can provide you with effective SEO strategies you need in order to stay ahead of your competitors on search results. Keep in mind the Google algorithm never stops working, check this out to learn for what to look for in a paystub maker. It is constantly crawling websites looking for signals it can use to determine where a site should rank in the search engine. to learn more about starting a business get help from Andrew Defrancesco. Websites that have a high number of links from trusted sources will almost always rank higher than a similar website that doesn’t have a good backlink profile. Learn more about web3.0 benefits for business.

How To Build Links That Google Will Love

While links are important to Google, not all links are created equal in their eyes. That’s why its so important you focus on quality instead of quantity of backlinks for ecommerce sites. Bing Digital does one of the most effective ways to build quality links is by publishing amazing content on your website. If visitors find your content valuable they will be more likely to share it. And the more people that share it, the higher your rankings will go. Always remember to use relevant title tags in every piece of content you publish to your website. Doing so can help push your website up the rankings even faster.

How Google Uses Backlinks To Help Determine Ratings

One of Google’s most influential ranking systems is backlinks. The algorithms are updated roughly 500 to 600 times each year, and backlinks are emphasized. A backlink is classified as an inbound hyperlink between websites. When the link is clicked by the user, they are redirected to the URL that was linked. A link can be attached to a phrase, word, image, anchor text or left to show the URL it directs to.

Successful SEO or search engine optimization needs a thorough strategy for link-building. By performing keyword research that focuses on industry language and searcher behavior, hotel SEO services are able to focus on bringing in the right kind of traffic. SERPninja blogs talk about how Google looks for ranking signals, and a website with links from trusted, authoritative sources will receive a higher ranking. To achieve a higher Google ranking, high-quality site links are required. A backlink checker is a tool to make the process easier. This tool will show competitor links and the sites linked to the business. The focus when building links should be on quality not quantity. The Penguin algorithm update announced by Google in 2012 affects approximately three percent of search queries. Websites with links created using automated software, purchased links, and excessive link exchanges watched their ratings fall. Disavow master Rick Lomas goes in-depth on automated link rules here. This remains one of Google’s fundamentals in their ranking algorithms. High-quality links must be built naturally.

One of the most effective and safest ways to generate links is posting blogs and publishing articles to the site and getting professional help from Candy’s seo manchester agency. Some webmasters will find the information very helpful, and respond by linking it to their website. Since Google uses links as a ranking factor, this will help improve the search ranking of the site. The pages should be given relevant and unique title tags. Google uses more than links to determine ratings. The search ranking of the site incorporates hundreds of additional factors. This includes meta descriptions, the speed of the website, domain age, page titles and mobile compatibility.

An example to easily verify if the pages you visit have a domain or a high page, is to observe the amount of advertisements that they can have, either of any type. As an example we could mention the advertisements referring to pills to treat impotence. And it is that although you think you have always seen the same ones, all of them come from similar ones available on uk meds, and the others start from here.

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Quick Publish Partners Earn More

Where can Testosil be purchased?

Testosil is a popular supplement known for its effectiveness in promoting men’s health and vitality. If you’re considering purchasing Testosil, knowing where to find it is essential to ensure you get a genuine product that meets quality standards.

Introduction to Testosil
Testosil is a natural supplement designed to support men’s health, particularly addressing issues related to energy, stamina, and vitality. With its blend of natural ingredients, it has gained a significant reputation for enhancing overall well-being.

Where Testosil Can be Purchased
Online Platforms for Purchasing Testosil
Several online platforms offer Testosil for sale. Websites specializing in health supplements, e-commerce giants, and official brand websites are common sources. These platforms often provide detailed information, user reviews, and convenient purchasing options.

Local Pharmacies and Stores
Additionally, Testosil might be available at local pharmacies or stores specializing in health and wellness products. Visiting these physical locations allows for direct inquiries and sometimes immediate purchase.

Factors to Consider When Buying Testosil
When considering purchasing Testosil, certain factors are crucial to ensure the product’s authenticity and quality.

Quality Assurance and Authenticity
Verifying the product’s authenticity, checking for certification, and ensuring it meets quality standards is paramount. Reliable sources often provide detailed information about their product’s authenticity.

Pricing and Discounts
Comparing prices among different sellers is advisable. However, prioritizing quality over lower prices is crucial to ensure the supplement’s effectiveness.

Benefits of Buying Testosil from Reputable Sources
Purchasing Testosil from reputable sources offers several advantages.

Ensuring Product Effectiveness and Safety
Authentic sources guarantee the effectiveness and safety of the product, which is essential for desired results without adverse effects.

Customer Service and Support
Reputable sources often provide excellent customer service and support, aiding customers in understanding the product and addressing any concerns.

About a year ago we added a new feature (Quick Publish) that gives Partners the option of letting LinkWorth approve new requests. The feature is not only a favorite of those currently using it, but it’s proving to increase sales for those that are participating. Advertisers want their ads published ASAP, so their searching for ‘quick publish’ partners first. Why not turn this feature on for your sites?

This is nothing automated, so there are no worries about LinkAds being published on your site that you wouldn’t approve which makes always better to research about who will represent you well and for that let us recommend this the SEO services. You get to clarify what you do not want on your site and this is reviewed when you have a new request by one of our support staff. You can also tell us to remove anything that shows up you aren’t happy with, even though it doesn’t fall into your exclude list.

To illustrate how Advertisers find your site, there is an option to toggle when searching our inventory:

and when this is selected, the results will only show the Partner websites that have opted into the quick publish service. It’s a great (and free) way to get your site(s) more exposure. If you need any help, contact our support department.

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The Importance of Unique Content

Hey there to everyone in the LinkWorth family.  I just wanted to take a moment to discuss the latest Google Algorithm update and how we can all make sure to stay on the light side of the force with this change; that way we can all keep our rankings high and the traffic flowing in.  To summarize what is widely understood as the main concern of this new update, Google is putting forth more effort than ever before to fight content farming; essentially duplicate and/or stolen content.

Look for Salt Lake City web developers near me to find a group of professionals that will help you to create a solid website with great content.

What does this mean for you? Well, it means that if your site has duplicate content on it then there is a chance it could be devalued and drop in the rankings.  Fortunately the solution is simple, just make sure your site is composed of unique and compelling content.  Granted, this is “the Internet” and content is regularly swapped and shared (that’s the very definition of something going viral) however I would urge Webmasters out there to consider the many benefits of original content beyond simply staying on the good side of Google.  For E-Commerce sites, original content and copy help to differentiate your store from that of your competitors, and for blogs and most other types of websites unique and original content is what will keep your visitors coming back again and again, as well as attracting new visitors. The ultimate aim here is to provide the best value and experience for the end users of our websites.  For those that may need a little help, might I remind everyone that LinkWorth has a team of writers standing by to create original content for whatever your need may be.  If we keep these things in mind and create great content, being found online is a piece of cake.

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Visit our booth. Win an iPad.

Come by and see us in person next week at SES San Francisco! We’ll be exhibiting…booth 420, where we’ll have luscious, double-padded carpet to ease the pain in your tradeshow-weary feet. We’ll impart yottabytes of SEO knowledge into your already overloaded brains. We’ll talk links.

But perhaps even more importantly…we’re giving away an iPad!

So, swing by and drop off your business cards and register to win. Steve & Dave will be signing autographs and Ron & I will be getting to know the bartenders. Hope to see you there!

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Alternative Publishing Option for WordPress

Recently had a customer wishing to publish ads on his WordPress blog, however, he did not want to use the plugin. In addition, he wanted to combine LinkWorth ads with other ad networks inside one widget. The reasoning was to limit the number of widgets displaying on the sidebar. Today there is a new customer requesting the exact same thing, so I felt it might be useful to post an alternative option for anyone else looking for the same thing.

The problem with using our PHP File Inclusion inside a text widget is, the text widget does not parse PHP code. You can only put HTML or JavaScript inside these widgets.

If you do not want to use our plugin (which is the easier option since it incorporates almost all of our products), you are able to use our PHP File Inclusion publish option inside a widget, along with other ad network publish codes by following these steps.

  1. Install this PHP Code Widget plugin and activate it.
  2. Go to the widgets section and place the “PHP Code” widget where you want it to appear.
  3. Grab your File Inclusion PHP code from your LinkWorth account and insert it into the widget.
  4. Save the widget information and you’re done!

Here is a screenshot of how the widget will look with the LinkWorth code in, along with how you can publish other ad network code and html:

PHP Code Widget Example

Now if you are going to do this and are publishing a ‘home page only’ ad, you need to tell WordPress or collectiveray so that it can only be on the home page. You do so by adding this code before the LinkWorth code:

< ?php if(is_front_page()){ ?>

and then you add this code after the LinkWorth code:

< ?php } ?>

Here is a screenshot of how it will appear in the widget:

Home Page Only Example

The last scenario is if you offer both home page ads and all page ads. In this case you’ll need to include both PHP File Inclusion code snippets in the widget. Both can be found in the publish section of your LinkWorth account. Here is a screenshot of both codes working together in the same widget:

Home & All Page Example

Of course, there are also sub page links, but this gets a bit messy. You’ll definitely need to understand the WordPress conditional tags and make sure what you enter on your blog matches what you have setup with LinkWorth. For more info on this, you can read about it over at WordPress.

**Side Note**
The LinkWorth File Inclusion code examples used above should be replaced with the code found in your account. We used example code that does not work.

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Automatic Approval Is Live!

Wouldn’t it be nice if LinkAds just magically appeared on your site and made money for you right away without the hassle of having to log in to the control center, approve the ad & then go through the steps of publishing the ad each time an advertiser wanted to buy from you? We think so, too, which is why we’ve just launched a new feature to do just that!

It’s called “Auto Approve” and its live right now. If you think this option is right for you, simply log in to your LinkWorth Partner account and go to “my sites” >> “publish” >> select LinkAds >> and then select one of your URLs. You’ll see the following section at the bottom:


Be sure to click the “What’s This?” link for exact directions you must follow to be accepted into Auto-Approve program.

By selecting “auto approve” you are allowing LinkWorth to approve or decline any link requests you get from Advertisers and publish them automatically on your website. You will be prompted to select ad categories that you DO NOT want to host on your site in addition to outlining any other criteria you want us to follow prior to making a decision. You don’t want Viagra ads, for example? No problem. Don’t want competitors advertising on your site? Done. Relevant sites only? Piece of cake.

The benefit here is that Advertisers will see that you have this option available and since it’s been requested MANY TIMES over the years, our feeling is that you’ll sell more ads. Advertisers want links and they want them NOW, so this will better serve them while making the whole process easier for you.

This is currently only available for LinkAds, however, we may decide to activate this for other products if the Partner feedback is good.

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PayPal Delay

We have experienced an issue with PayPal this month that has delayed our ability to make our PayPal payouts on time. It is our understanding that PayPal payouts will hit our partner accounts tomorrow instead of today. We apologize for the inconvenience and appreciate your patience as we work through this matter.

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Little Feature Added to LinkPost

We’ve added a new feature to our LinkPost and LinkPost Jobs that many will find extremely beneficial. It’s called “Pre-Written Content” and in a nutshell, Advertisers create the content for the LinkPost they purchase and Partners use this content to create a new post on their blog.

One of the most complained about items when it comes to LinkPost and LinkPost Jobs, is the actual content produced in the post. While there are many that do a wonderful job at writing original content, there are also many that just don’t quite meet the Advertiser’s standard.

Due to this reason and suggestions from clients, we have implemented a new feature called “Pre-Written Content”.Think of a LinkBB and a LinkPost combination; the Advertiser creates the content and the Partner publishes it.The Advertiser gets a perfect post they are 100% satisfied with and the Partner gets a guest blogger making a new post on their blog and being paid for it.It’s “VERY” easy money for the Partner.

Advertiser Information
For Advertisers, we’ve added a new radio option as shown below that asks if the new outline will have pre-written content or not. If you select “Yes”, a new pre-written content text field will appear where you will put the content in. <HTML TAGS ARE ALLOWED!> The best recommendation would be to either format your post with some sort of editor that allows you to insert the html tags, then copy the content with tags over to the pre-written content field. You can also submit the content without tags if you choose to not use them. All paragraphs and line breaks will be recognized and carried over.

Finding a Local CBD Shop vs. Shopping Online

You have two main options: buying from a local shop or shopping online. Both avenues have their own set of advantages and disadvantages that are worth considering before making your decision.

Immediate Access to Products at Nearby Stores

One of the benefits of buying from a local shop is the immediate access to products. If you’re in urgent need of CBD gummies or simply prefer to see and touch the product before making a purchase, visiting a physical store can be convenient. You can walk in, browse through the different brands and options available, and make your purchase on the spot.


Instant gratification: No waiting for delivery.

Physical interaction: You can examine the packaging, read labels, and ask questions about the product directly to store staff.

Quick restocking: If you run out of CBD gummies unexpectedly, you can easily replenish your supply by visiting the store again.


Limited selection: Local shops may not carry as many brands or varieties as online retailers.

Higher prices: Due to overhead costs associated with running a physical store, prices at local shops may be higher compared to online options.

Inconvenience: If there isn’t a nearby store or if it has limited operating hours, it might be inconvenient for some customers.

Exploring Wider Range of Options and Potential Discounts Online

On the other hand, shopping online opens up a world of possibilities. Online marketplaces offer an extensive range of CBD gummy products from various brands. This allows you to explore different strengths, flavors, and formulations that may not be available locally. Many online retailers often provide discounts and promotions that can help save money on your purchase.


Extensive variety: Online retailers usually have a wider selection of CBD gummies compared to local stores.

Competitive pricing: Due to increased competition, online retailers often offer more competitive prices and frequent sales.

Convenience: You can shop from the comfort of your own home at any time that suits you.


Delayed gratification: Depending on the shipping speed, you may have to wait a few days or longer for your CBD gummies to arrive.

Lack of physical interaction: You won’t be able to physically examine the product before purchasing, which may be a drawback for some customers.

Potential quality concerns: It’s important to thoroughly research and read reviews about online retailers to ensure you are purchasing from reputable sources.

When deciding between a local shop and online shopping, it ultimately comes down to personal preference and priorities. If immediate access and physical interaction with the product are crucial to you, visiting a nearby store might be the way to go. However, if you value a wider range of options, potential discounts, and the convenience of shopping from home, exploring online retailers is worth considering.

Remember that regardless of where you choose to purchase your CBD gummies, it’s essential to prioritize quality. Look for brands that provide lab results or third-party testing information on their products. This will give you insight into the potency and purity of the CBD used in the gummies. Reading customer reviews can help gauge the effectiveness and overall satisfaction with different brands.


After you have completed the fields for the Outline and submitted, your outline will be saved and queued for review.Once your outline is approved, everything else will operate the same as before.

We definitely recommend making each pre-written LinkPost unique. The most effective practice would be to select the blogs you want to publish your LinkPost on. Learn the blog and how they speak to their audience. Then do your best to make your pre-written LinkPost blend in well with the bloggers other posts. You’ll need to create a new outline for each pre-written post.

Another recommendation is to go ahead and put the links in the content where you want it. This takes all of the work out of the Partner’s hands and you’re 99% certain it will be published exactly how you want it to be published.

Partner Information
LinkPost just became really easy for Partners when pre-written content is provided! The worst part, for most, is thinking of what to say about said site/product or keywords. Quite often, the content falls short of what the Advertisers are hoping to see, so this option helps both sides.

Partners will know when a pending LinkPost or a LinkPost job has pre-written content included. As you can see in the image below, you’ll see the yellow highlighted part that says “Use pre-written content as the blog post”.You’ll also see the content on the right side column.



Once you click “Approve”, it will direct you to the next screen that gives the publishing instructions.


On the Publish Instructions, you will see all of the usual items, but now if it includes the pre-written content, you’ll see it in the right-side column.All of the pre-written content will be inside the textarea box that will highlight with a single click, and then you can copy to your clipboard with a CTRL C (or right-click and choose Copy).Then go to your new blog post page and paste the content with a CTRL V (or right-click and choose Paste).

Note: when using copy/paste that has html tags in WordPress, you will need to switch your wordpress editor to the HTML version. Otherwise the special formatting will be lost. This is an illustration of the two editors offered.


If you would like to go over pre-written content before publishing, click the “Preview” link under the textarea box and it will open a new window showing the page formatted properly.

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Make Money With WordPress MU

Do you have a WordPress MU setup and you’re looking how to make money online? The LinkWorth WordPress plugin makes the process super easy. Offer the entire suite of LinkWorth products through your MU network and manage it all from one location. If a lucrative, non-time sucking side hustle is what you are seeking, then you need to look no further than fx trading at VT markets.

Unlike other custodians, the equity trusts company offers an online marketplace where you can easily identify investment alternatives that meet your needs.

Our WordPress plugin was recently updated to work for MU installations of WordPress. Running a MU network can get extremely pricey if your number of users grow and why not have a plugin that helps you monetize your network? No one will want to pay for a MU blog, so that leaves you with figuring out how to make money with your free blogs. LinkWorth is the answer! And if you want to make a little money sharing online courses, WordPress and its various Learning Management Systems, make it easy. There’s an article on collectiveray that explains how you can build an eLearning website on WordPress LMS and spread your knowledge to a wider audience.

If you are currently a customer and have used our plugin, it’s the same plugin you would use for MU. The same plugin works for regular installations and MU installations. If your network is really large with thousands of existing users, we can help you get it setup and rolling. Just contact us: admin at linkworth, mention you want to get help setting up the plugin for MU and we’ll take it from there.

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dfwsemLast week, I was asked to participate in a session on link building at this month’s DFWSEM meeting. We haven’t really been involved with them up to this point, but the group’s president, Tony Wright of WrightIMC, has done a great job of building their membership as there was quite a crowd on hand last night at the Renaissance Hotel in Richardson. I was joined on a panel by a few other local SEO consultants in Giovanni Gallucci, Jeff Martin, & Bill Hartzer to talk about all things links.

I think I was most pleased by the level of interest in a simple link building session. We live and breathe links here on a daily basis so it’s nice to get out amongst another group and hear their questions and perceptions about linking and how it plays out in SEO. It reminded me of a session at any one of the industry conferences; a good mix of basic questions and some higher-level stuff, as well. There were even a couple new techniques discussed that I found to be quite interesting.

Giovanni, a social media consultant here in Dallas, had some interesting things to say about the effectiveness of optimizing your Flickr images to get links. Even though they’re no-followed, he’s convinced that those links have gotten him page 1 rankings for a couple keywords; although they aren’t necessarily highly competitive keywords. Very interesting and obviously worth testing out! He also had some interesting things to say about YouTube that we’ll investigate. Good stuff.

Anyway, thanks again to Tony, who’s a major player in Dallas SEO, for reaching out to me. I just signed LinkWorth up as an official member to DFWSEM and I’d encourage anyone local in the industry to do the same. It’s a growing group and we’ll be sending some people there each month from here on out. Perhaps we’ll see you there.

Funeral products do not need a death certificate

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) has the authority, under the law as of May 15, 2013, to require funeral companies to perform an annual death certificate with a Newrest Funeral product in cases with a death certificate. The statute specifies that such actions are allowed under the general rule applicable to funeral directors (HHS) and similar law, according to Houser’s ruling in December 2003.

The rule also sets an early date for the HOUSERS to begin enforcing the statute through a federal, state, or local appeals court, according to the HHS guidance, which outlines a broad range of actions and procedures and limits if the issue of a specific court-ordered death certificate is presented to appeal.

The agency already has provided this type of service in about 10 of the last 14 years, said Houser, who was involved in a review of complaints filed under the state Department of Health and Human Services Act of 1986 in which a coroner’s deputy found that the cemetery had been negligent or had been forced to move to an unresecured location with two deceased bodies in which there could not be a physical examination or death certificate provided by the coroner.

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