With flying in to NYC Monday evening, we had our light night to prepare for our Tuesday exhibit hall shake down. It was just our plan to hit the hall Tuesday, then sessions and meetings Wednesday and so on. Once we get all registered in, and gather all our swag, we dart for the exhibit hall. For those who do not know the next thing that happened, we get rejected. Tuesday was the day all of the booths setup. Bad planning on my part. . .or WAS it?

After walking around in circles for a couple of hours, we realized our client meeting was not for another 4-5 hours, so we claimed some real estate at a nice little pub called “Faces & Names“. A place I try to go every stop through NYC. It’s a very laid back but exciting bar. Great food and very nice locals come in. Well, we sat down around 3pm and finally had to head over to meet our client by 8pm. We had a great dinner and our waiter was one we’ll always remember. . DONE! After dinner, our client Jeff, who lives in midtown, took us to several bars, then had two of his girl friends show up; one oddly from Google!

The pub crawl continued, vision grew blurry and speech turned to mush. We had meetings in the morning and my business owner instincts began to take over, so I random left Matt at the bar with the locals. For the record, I did call for his name a few times. So I finally get home at 3:30AM!! 12 hours later. Then here comes Matt at 4. Needless to say, the morning meeting seemed bleak! But no despair, while I was talking on the phone saying I might need to push the meeting back, the other party messaged me wanting to push it back. Seems they were hit by the same party bug, NYC.

Our meetings were pushed back but were fulfilled. They were very productive and well worth our trip. It’s also so great to put faces to names. One thing the internet will probably never have and that’s true personality.