We recently launched our product LinkInTxt and based on great feedback from our customers, the setup for Partners was just too difficult for large sites and very time consuming. We quickly went into brainstorming mode and came up with a brilliant idea that would take all of the setup out of our Partner’s hands.

Now, if you wish to participate in our LinkInTxt program, it’s as simple as including it in our “crawl list”. From that point, there is nothing else for you to do unless an advertiser decides to purchase a keyword(s) from your web page(s). We now have our own search engine that will crawl your site and index all possible keywords we were able to find. This will give Advertisers the ability to search for any keyword on your site. As always, Partners will have the final decision if the keyword will be placed or not. We do not force the link and then make it your job to remove it after the fact, like some places. If your site has hundreds or thousands of pages, you would not want a competitor plugging in their links throughout your site before you can say no.

We’re still adding a few upgrades to version 2, but it should be in full working mode by the end of this month.