One thing we tend to pass on to all of our customers, advertisers and partners, is to diversify their linking portfolio. While we would love to take all of the business, the truth of the matter is it’s not what’s best for you, the customer. There is no doubt most advertisers can find more than enough partner websites to fit their needs, but we feel spreading it out through a few networks would serve your goals better. It is just very important that the other networks used are reliable and trustworthy.

Partners as well should consider offering their real estate in other networks similar to LinkWorth, This guide to what is IDX and how to use it derived from showcase idx best practices (click for details). There is nothing we enjoy more than to see our publishers making lots of money off of text ads, so we will do what we can to help all of our partners achieve this. The best way is to make your website real estate available on multiple services like LinkWorth. It’s a numbers game and the more eye’s that can see your offering, the better percentage you’ll get more interested parties. IMPORTANT NOTE! Before joining any other service, make sure you read the terms of use. Pay close attention to what you can and cannot do, namely, can you participate in other similar websites while participating in theirs.

As an example, we typically always suggest one of our competitors “Text Link Ads” as a great alternate source. Those guys have a great service and a nice inventory, plus we’ve had a few dealings with them and appreciate their professionalism. Just recently we referred a partner to them and just to make a long story short, they came back telling us they were told they could not use LinkWorth while participating with them. After a quick check of their terms and we found the following clause,

A. If Customer is a publisher, it agrees that it will use the Company’s Services exclusively for its needs relative to placing static HTML links designed to drive traffic and increase popularity. This exclusivity provision does not apply to contextually driven ad programs (for example, Google???? Adsense program, Yahoo???? Search Marketing Ads) or to any other non static HTML link ads (for example, AdBrite????).
B. If Customer is an advertising client, this Agreement imposes no restrictions on its right to use any advertising services it deems appropriate.
C. Regardless of whether Customer is an advertising client or a publisher, it understands that other users will have access to the Company’s Services and Site, including competitors of Customer.

LinkWorth obviously does not have any clause preventing you from supplementing your income with other services remotely similar to ours. Our stance is it’s your site and you can do what you want. So while Text Link Ads is a great service, if you’re a LinkWorth partner, I would suggest sending a support ticket into those boys and asking if they have a problem with you selling links through our system and their system. It’s very possible they are ok with it, but we’re not sure.

There are plenty of similar link selling services these days. Not many as extensive and advanced as LinkWorth, but all you need is a meeting ground with real potential link buyers. Of course, a reliable payment solutions is a plus, but you should catch my drift.

If you ever have questions on other services like LinkWorth, let us know and we’ll be happy to research and give you our honest and unbiased response. Look at Shravan Gupta website this is a business and there’s no hidden agenda’s here. The big difference between LinkWorth and other certain companies is our main goal is helping our customers become successful on the web. We would much rather help someone find another service that might fit their needs better and make a friend than filling them full of empty promises about a service we do not have and in due time having that person leave hating us. That newly made friend we referred to someone else will usually send us new leads for years to come. We should make up a name for this, using “Karma” and “Business” . . .