We’re on the hunt for a new web graphic / Back End Developer and recently posted a job on Monster.com. It’s funny with all the unemployment in the world today, a good candidate is tough to find. Especially one that isn’t greedy and/or thinks their shit don’t stink! Anyhow, this particular applicant has pushed me to the brink of letting everyone see how to NOT get a job.

“Obviously, I’m not going to use the clowns full name for legal reasons, but most of our readers are smart enough to figure it out because I will give you bits of information that is easily traced.”

I begin looking around for his website or links to work he’s done, but nothing! Very odd for a person applying for a web graphic / development position. I’ve never received a resume for this position that didn’t include something where they wanted to showcase their work. I then reply and ask if he had a website or any links to show me his work, then the hall of shame status began. What I’ll show you here is the threads back and forth between this person and me. I’ll keep it as short as possible so this isn’t a novel.

First email from me to him

Do you have some sort of online portfolio of work you have done recently? I need a graphic designers 1st / web dev guy 2nd. Our site is built strictly in PHP, CSS, JavaScript, MySQL so these are the skills we’re looking for.

“Giglmon” (Hall of Shame) responds to me

I have been working alot of contract jobs. That’s why i’m looking for something perm. As far as online portfolio, go to Google and enter
“Giglmon” (Hall of Shame) as a keyword. That should show you a pretty large list of items. Looking forward to hearing back.

Ok, so I’m like, “I have to go and try to find your work?” But I thought to myself, maybe this guy is a great catch and he has all these projects to look at. Even though I thought it was a rather pompous way to show one’s work, I went and did a search as he suggested and started looking around. Mind you, this is what I do for a living! I can find anything. But after spending about 15-20 minutes, I was like, I give up, so then I respond to him. And I even try to give him some advice from the employer side of things rather than just deleting and moving on.

My response back to (Hall of Shame – Giglmon)

Telling me to go research to try and find your projects is a bit odd, first of all. Secondly, I did a search thinking you must be some sort of big name. I received a total of 90 results and the majority of them are conversations you’ve had with people. A lot of them referred to giglmon.net (Hall of Shame), yet that site does not open. In other words, I found nothing on you before I gave up.

My top candidates for this job would have their own website where they keep a running website that showcases all of their current and previous work. The more you have on it and the more you can show me, the better idea I will have to know if you are what we’re looking for.

Still hoping this guy will provide access to some of his work and be appreciative of my suggestions, I get this:

His response to me

Ya’ asked for some information, if you weren’t able to search correctly that would indicate you may not know how to.

Thanks but, No thanks. Here is the resume.

And he includes his resume to me again, which was the same thing I originally received. Obviously, you can see the tide turning here and he’s speaking down to me now. My next reply was explaining search is my job, but that wasn’t the point. I told him I was looking for someone that fit the job and needed to see the work and he should act like he wants a job rather than speaking so negatively. Then here’s his last two responses:

Next response from (Hall of Shame) “giglmon”

Not for a guy like you @ any price! Way too many other jobs out there to even entertain dealing with someone like you. BTW, who did your site?, a 2nd grader? (-8

Yes gurglemen, a 2nd grader did our site. Fortunately for us, he decided to fast track to middle school and he’s no longer here to defend himself.

Had to have the last word

Don’t respond back to me again! I no longer wish any contact with you or your organization. The next email I report to the email service! Have a nice day!

I guess he didn’t believe me. Hey, this guy may be the best developer on the market, but unless you can present yourself in a professional manner and at least show the person considering hiring you some work, things probably will not go that well. So I officially put this guy into the LinkWorth Hall of Shame. A new category I’m starting. That clown blog spammer I’ll have to say was our first to join the hall.