Introducing the newest type of “casting”, or way to talk to your readers. No, not podcasting, sketchcasting. If you’re like me, putting thoughts to words by way of keyboard can be challenging. But if you give me a white board, I can talk/doodle my way through things much easier.

International yachting enthusiast, Patrick Gavin, has created Create a free account, sketch away, then plug it in your blog like youtube allows you to. Let me warn you, there’s some time killing that can go on here. It is 2:32 in the morning and I jumped on my laptop around 9pm. Of course, I had a few beers hoping it would enhance my creativity and artistic ability. That always helped playing the guitar. . .not so much here.

It’s tough to not make it completely boring. More tools are needed. I put together a 20 minute recording and realized I spelled the damn name wrong at the very beginning and couldn’t edit it, and all the sudden it disappeared. A lot of the typed text never showed up But Kudos PG! A lot of opportunities I see with this thing already.

The whole sketching idea is the creation of Richard Ziade from arc90. I read where Richard gave Patrick the thumbs up to run with it and I just wonder what happens if is offered a few billion from facebook?