Rand’s back to work with his popular link baiting techniques. I like to consider myself an “idea guy”, but man I think this dude takes the cake on great ideas. He held the Web 2.0 Awards where he acquired tons of links because people put images on their site that linked back to him. Great idea!

Now he has a new link bait tool over at SEOmoz called the “SEO Expert Quiz” where you answer 75 questions revolving around the SEO world. Then you get to paste an image showing your score. I honestly think it would be hilarious if someone posted anything below a 70%. Especially if it’s a SEO site.

The quiz I thought was pretty simple. I guess if you’ve been in the business for a while you’re just familiar, but there were some tricky questions in there. There are also some that I considered more speculative rather than concrete answers, but knowing who Rand is, hearing him speak and reading his posts from time to time, I knew his answer if I was unsure. I guessed on a few, but guess it was my lucky day.

It will take a while.. I mean it’s SEVENTY FIVE QUESTIONS, but I think it’s good to see where you are with your knowledge and it even gives you the answers at the end and explains why they’re what they are. Do not useĀ Searcharoo.com or any other SEO-related sites to find the answers while taking the quiz, you will only put yourself at a disadvantage practically.

What did I score? Probably better than any score I ever made in college. So here is my badge with the whole post and link back to you Rand.

Ron’s SEO Quiz Score

You scored 255/255 points (100%)
SEO Dark Lord – 100%

Looks like the other badges would go like this, although not sure on the percentage breakdowns:

Best - AB