Anyone looking to promote their site through optimization and/or link building efforts will have the common question, “How much will it cost?” Unfortunately the exact price is a tough one to say truthfully but one thing for sure, if the market is competitive, it will “take it to make it”. SEO companies that focus primarily in detailed optimization of your site can be extremely pricey. I just read recently of one individual that quotes a minimum start price of $12,000.00 for seo services. That is very high, but not surprising.

One great part of link building is, any type budget can be used. Whether you use LinkWorth or any other service, if your budget calls for only a couple hundred dollars, you should be able to do some link building with it. If you hit the right network, there should be plenty of low priced websites that will fit nicely into your budget. As mentioned above, if your market is very competitive (for example, web hosting), a low budget can be used, but probably not very effectively. On the flip side, very niche markets can be campaigned for low budgets and be very effective.

Promoting your website should be a very important step and money will be required to do so, but make sure to shop prices. There are no guarantees in this business so definitely make sure you do not get locked into any contracts with high monthly bills.