After reading a great discussion about buying text links today, many valid points regarding Google being contradictive and possibly violating the anti-trust laws made complete sense. As mentioned over at Threadwatch, Google tells webmasters directly in their guidelines:

If we haven’t picked up your site after several months, it’s possible that our spiders aren’t able to find your pages. If you increase the links pointing to these pages, it’ll improve the chance that we’ll find your site.

Yet, their minions proceed to tell people they wish to abolish companies that help customers do just what they instruct. As the readers point out on the discussion, Google and their employees might be violating the anti-trust laws because what is good for their own pocket is not good for another.

Let this one marinate. . .text link advertising like we provide, has not a single thing to do with any search engine. It happens on a website to website situation and we facilitate the transaction. Is it right for them to dictate what occurs on real estate that is not their own? Then again, with all those billions of dollars, I’m sure they could buy their way out of this one. 😉