One of our highlights of the trip was to meet with Patrick Gavin for a few beers and try to solve the worlds problems. Even though we are direct competitors, there’s a lot of respect between one another and any time we have customers that need something we might not have, we will definitely refer them to TLA. I think competitors that can work well toward the same goal will usually turn out to be the best in their industry. Obviously Patrick has TLA rockin and we’re definitely happy for those guys.

Now on to the happy hour. Matt had met Patrick before and it was my first time, so we just met at the hotel bar. With Patrick being a common face at these conferences, we figured he would be interrupted often, but we were in the best situation for that setting, A BAR! Patrick is an extremely nice person and I’m glad we met for drinks. We talked shop a bit, but it was more of our odd, yet similar, paths to get where we are today.

As time went and beers disappeared, the rest of the TLA crew began stopping by and we were able to meet everyone that was there. Not one single person gave us a bad vibe all night, unlike a few other places that do their best in our industry. As a whole, most of the people we met in NYC were absolute sincere people. I think with the internet forms of communications, tones and real meanings can be twisted so easily that people tend to develop negative thoughts on someone we have never met. Even if you might have an ill feeling against someone, if you pass them up at a conference but have never actually met them, just introduce yourself and see how it goes. Either they confirm your thoughts or they turn out to be a great person. Hell, you could also drum up some business! Ok, I went way off track here.

Anyhow, LinkWorth wanted to give a huge “SHOUT OUT” to Patrick and everyone else over at TLA. If you’re in Dallas, look us up. If you will be in San Jose, maybe we hook up for dinner/drinks one night.