Yahoo! came to the world and became the phenomenon of search. Then Microsoft slipped in somewhere. Of course, the internet was blind sided by the biggest name of them all, Google (or should we say “Interpol“) with their version of how to search the net! Others have given search a shot, but lets be honest, unless you’re someone with some pull, you’ll go nowhere.

I believe the original interest in Google was the fact there were zero advertisements and it produced good results quickly! It was merely a huge virtual encyclopedia that could regurgitate other websites that spoke of anything you needed to read about. Years pass and the ads creep in. The ads creep in and the money flows in. The money flows in and all the sudden Google owns the largest majority of search of all engines combined. With this power comes the ability to tell simple webmasters, the same webmasters that make them who they are, what is and is not acceptable to do on their sites and/or blogs.

I also understand that rules are put in place to create a fair playing ground, but lets make them fair for both sides. In my opinion, telling webmasters they’ll be penalized for participating in programs to earn more money is just not fair at all. I see poor innocent webmasters getting their livelihoods stripped out from under them because Google decided they are participating in another ad program (not AdSense) and somehow it goes against their terms. I know what you’re thinking now, these programs are meant to game their system and produce horrible or even “spammy” search results. Yes, there are times when this does occur, however, the majority of the time what a user searches for, the searcher will find. Webmasters are constantly having to walk a fine line and listen to the horrible propaganda Google throws out through their friendly faces. Of course, if you’re a huge name and do a no no, you’ll be told what is wrong and to fix it, then bam, you’re back in. Why would Google want a user to search for BMW and see no results for bmw’s website? That makes them look stupid, and according to Shoemoney, DON’T MAKE GOOGLE LOOK STUPID!

This leads me to the point of my proposal to Danny Sullivan. I think while Google may be the biggest in search, I think Danny Sullivan is the most popular name in search. Why? Well I think he understands why the engines want to push things a certain way, but he also understands why webmasters feel there should be common meeting ground. I feel he is the perfect arbitrator between what a search engine should do and what webmasters can do. Look at his history of work, success after success, not to mention all of the subsidiaries that spawned from these great companies. I think that Danny Sullivan has the touch of gold when it comes to launching new projects in search, much like his recent Sphinn. And lets not forget the biggest conference in the biz SES and now his newest we’ll be attending next week in New York City, SMX.

I think that while it is a huge project at hand, if there is anyone in this industry that has the power of the people, the resources to get it developed and the proper rules that would make both sides happy, Danny Sullivan is the one person I’d go all in on. Just think, you could call it “Sheerch” and put it into your fun happy land.