Well, they don’t own the internet, but they pretty much own the whole online search arena. According to July searches by Nielsen//Netratings, combining Yahoo, MSN, AOL and Ask doesn’t even come close to Google numbers.

    Provider         Searches        Growth        Share   
1. Google 4,143,752 49.3% 53.3%
2. Yahoo! 1,559,745 15.9% 20.1%
3. MSN/Live 1,057,064 94.9% 13.6%
4. AOL 407,988 14.9% 5.2%
5. Ask 143,513 -3.9% 1.8%

You can see the rest of the top 10 here. One thing I find interesting in these numbers is Ask.com. Do you think their decline has anything to do with their horrible advertising campaigns? Seems like they got rid of the “Algorithm” ads, but I wonder if people purposely stopped using them because of those stupid commercials.

I would love nothing more than to see a dark horse rise from the dust and own the search world but with a little less cockiness.