I happened across Ms. Dewey, the viral marketing site for Windows new Live Search.  As I am typing this message, she is a couple windows behind tapping on the glass saying “Hello. . .hello, are you going to type something in here?”

The obvious fun is to try to get her to do crazy things like change clothes, take them off, call her names, enter their competitor names and products, all for her reaction.  She has usual stances and actions she takes or says, but I’m sure there are many actions we just have to dig out.

The craziest I have gotten is when I entered “MSN Search”, she pulled out dynamite and yelled of spam, spam alert and blew it up.

Give her a LinkWorth go and let us know anything exciting you got her to do.  Just don’t waste too much of your time on her.

Very clever viral marketing.  It’s along the lines of the Subservient Chicken, where you enter what you want him to do and more than likely he’ll do it.