Seems as though Google has released a new product called ‘Pages‘, with a simplified page creator. Knowing that they own, it is a bit confusing why they would waste their time on creating another product that seems almost identical, with the exception of the name.

If you follow the products being released by Google, you can’t help but think how they seem to be wanting more control over everything you do online. There are articles talking about the invasion of privacy angle Google is taking with their new toolbar, but who is really big enough to take this giant on? At this point in the game, I think they are a company large enough to do what they want to pay off those who are ballsy enough to make a stink about what they do.

All you have to do is take a look at the Google’s chat product and realize that their products are very lacking compared to others like Yahoo, AIM or Messenger. Google’s meat and potatoes is search, which has it’s own drawbacks, but when it comes to trying to compete with the other giants and their products, you’re probably served better by using other products that are more established. Be sure to protect your data if you’re going to use this product. You can learn more about data protection by clicking here. I’m sure down the road they’ll fine tune things and pry even more into our lives, but at this point, their new pages product is not worth the time. Do the typical American thing and use MySpace for your free pages. At least you can make friends there.