Did I get your attention? 😀 For many of us, the Overture Inventory Keyword Selector Tool has been a savior over the years and if they were to ever take it away, people would be scrambling to find a replacement. The problem is, Google doesn’t wish to share their information with us.

I figured I would share our little secret we use when trying to decide the number of monthly searches a given keyword might experience on Google. Please don’t use this as hard proof, because we all know it’s merely an educated guess, but it’s an educated guess that relates to year after year of looking at server logs and the overture tool.

The given formula is a very simple one. Search for a keyword with the overture tool and it will provide a monthly search total. Take that number and multiply it by 3. I realize this might seem like a lot more than you may have expected, but it’s something I have personally compared with server logs over the past few years and it’s usually spot on. Again, this can obviously vary tremendously on any given keyword, but it’s a good rule of thumb to go by.

Do you have a better solution? If so, give us a reply below and let us know.