A lot of sites are guilty of keyword stuffing. There just is no way to honestly work in all of our keywords into readable content we write, so we have to resort to just listing keyword after keyword on the bottom of the page. Some of us even hide it. Does this really work, or does it cause more problems?

I will be honest, I’ve done it before. About 8-10 years ago when I was merely a struggling online vendor, I would try anything to get more traffic to my site. This included stuffing the foot of the page with every keyword I could think of. My thought was, “If I have the keyword on my site, people will find me.” I’m sure better than 90% of the online market thinks this exact same way. Unless you have spent years learning the art of optimization and search algorithms, you have no idea the “do’s and dont’s” of site optimization. Of course, if you are reading this, then you obviously have some knowledge of how things work. 😀

You should definitely understand that stuffing the bottom of your page with tens of hundreds of keywords will not only do no good, but it can easily get you penalized. Search bots are smarter than most people think and while I question they are as smart as the search employee’s make them out to be, they are definitely smart. Something that is laid out like keyword after keyword is very easy to spot. With what limited programming knowledge I have (which is almost none), I can visualize a way to spot keyword stuffing, so these PHD nerds can most definitely spot it.

So be wise and refrain from stuffing your pages with tons of keywords. I know it’s a lot more work, but write real content using your keywords. It will take some time, but eventually you will have a powerhouse site that people will visit just for the information you provide. The old saying that I seem to read every day “Content is King”, is more true than you’ll ever know. . .well, unless you build it. Set aside an hour or two a day, or even a week and put your thoughts down about your product/service. Make sure you use several of your keywords in each topic. It will do much more for your search positioning than keyword stuffing.