So far so good with the upgrade. A few small things here and there, but overall things went great.

The control center is back online and you can login to see the new look and all spend $10k each. 🙂 Feel free to post your thoughts here. We’re ready to listen.

Also, if you happen to come across any weird bugs, please send any errors or problems to admin ((at)) linkworth ((dot)) com.


Thank you to everyone who gave things a spin and were able to give us great feedback. There was a tiny bug that was confusing what account types people had, causing navigation to not function properly, but everything was adjusted and working fine within 45 minutes.

We have some colorful comments below where most love the upgrade, a couple long time customers aren’t up for a change, and mixed bag of other interesting comments. It appears we might have accidentally deleted a group of comments by accident as we’ve had a few people tell us their post was gone. We apologize for that, appears to be a user error (us).