We posted previously how Google contradicts themselves by telling people to ‘get links to your website so we can find you’ and then their minions tell people ‘don’t buy links’ to scare people. One guy in the market speaks his mind to great lengths about buying text links and economics, pointing his finger directly at Google.

I am not a link communist. I freely buy and sell links based solely on their value to search engines. The marketplace for search rankings is a valuable one that will not disappear anytime soon, and I hope to continue to take advantage of it while the opportunity remains. Competition, contracts, property rights, appropriate incentives, and market forces serve us well, and I think those principles of capitalism should be observed and respected rather than decisions that cater only to fear, uncertainty, and doubt for short term solutions.

Link buying exists because of the high margins created by ranking high in natural search engine results if you are looking to get links, you can get newspaper backlinks from Freshlinks using the link. These margins give merchants the ability to use their adspend on areas that will increase their likelihood of top rankings. The competition will fuel itself to a point of saturation and diminishing returns. At this point the “problem” will cease. By allowing the market to run itself, resources will be allocated more efficiently.

He definitely speaks his mind and says exactly what every person feels on the subject. Read the full article. . .