Today LinkWorth is proud to launch its newest advertising product called, Billboard Link Ads. This new and exciting technology takes text link advertising to an entirely new level by allowing the advertiser to create a very effective write up about their product or service being promoted, embedding targeted linked keywords and/or phrases throughout the content and having the entire dedicated page hosted on one of our partner websites. So instead of buying a simple text link from someone, you are purchasing an entire page with up to 10 text links included throughout the content. In addition to everything already mentioned, this also creates relevancy on any website you partner with. All the sudden a not so relevant site becomes much more relevant. Increase traffic clickthru’s and link popularity at the same time.

The way a Billboard Link Ad works is, an advertiser builds their page of simple text/html content (no images or scripts). This BBLA is created within the Advertisers LinkWorth account and then it is placed on different Partner websites. The Partner creates a hyperlink from the link location selected by the Advertiser, using the desired anchor text/keyword. The link points to a new page uploaded to the Partner website uniquely named as the anchor text. This page has a line of code that pulls the Advertisers content from our servers revealing everything written and the hyperlinks to the Advertisers website.

This new revolutionary technology has benefits for both sides. Along with everything mentioned above for Advertisers, this also helps Partners build content on their own websites without much work at all. This additional content could help Partners receive traffic from the additional pages getting listed in the search engines. Of course the additional product offer, which is worth more in value than a simple text link, will help bring in more money to help fund the cost of running your website(s).

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