With the current landscape of Link Building transforming constantly, one product LinkWorth offers is standing out among the rest for its’ value and strength: Billboard Ads. A Billboard Ad is an article written by an Advertiser which has static text links embedded within the content of the Article. This holds, at least in our opinion, a very strong value because the links are within the content of the page instead of in an area of the page where they are easily distinguished as paid links.

We have found through trial and error that Billboard Ads are not only a great value to our Advertisers, but to our Partners as well if done in the proper way. The two keys to successfully utilizing Billboard Ads are:

1. Make the Billboard Page on the Partner Site look like it “belongs” to the Partner Site. Simply calling the provided include file in a blank page does not do much to help the Partner or the Advertiser. If an Advertiser is using the same content among more than one Billboard Ad, it can get marked as duplicate content and not be included in Google’s index. This devalues the links within the Billboard and may throw a red flag up for the Partner because they have “duplicate content” on their site. This is easily resolved with a little work though. Most Partner’s have templates they use to create a new page on their site or use include files for the elements of a page of their site that stays the same from page to page. When creating the Billboard Ad, it is highly advised that you use this template (or include files) and simply call the provided code in the content area of the page. Plus, when we build these internally for our Advertisers, we’ll request this of the Partners.

2. The second important factor in successfully utilizing Billboards is to have a site wide link to the Billboard Ad from every page of your site. It holds the most strength if this link is close to the other Navigational links of your site. Since the posted links all point to a subpage on the Partner site, the site-wide link isn’t suspicious and shouldn’t dilute the Partner’s site at all.

As we move deeper into the constantly evolving world of linking, this product will continue to gain popularity. So, LinkWorth Partners, accept Billboard Ads! You’ll stand to gain Advertiser market-share within our community! These will be key components to many of our Managed Services campaigns moving forward, too. For more info on Billboards, visit http://www.linkworth.com/products/billboard-ads.php …