If you have been part of the LinkWorth community for almost 2 years, you should remember a new product we rolled out called “Billboard Link Ads“, which will soon be called “LinkBB“. The idea behind LinkBB was the ability to push a product or service on “other” websites by having an entire content page hosted on these other sites. Not only did it create relative content around your embedded text ads, but advertisers could really pitch their product and/or service to butter up the potential lead and hopefully make a conversion once they made it to your site.

As time has past, a few places have popped up that basically take the original idea and make easy to understand blog terms. Payperpost.com was one of the first I know of (could have been others), then TLA jumped in with Reviewme.com. I think there is another one or two, but really nothing worth mentioning for free pub. I have not tested either of the places out, just read actual user feedback and there are some very obvious road blocks we can see that have not been addressed yet. The basic concept is extremely easy and very similar to something I read 2 years ago (wink wink). With that being said, I think these places are doing well and providing a decent product. Patrick is one of the nicest guys out there, so I definitely wish him the best and while I have not spoken with anyone from Payperpost.com, I’m sure they’re great people as well, and I believe everything is under control and they’re doing wonderful.

This is where I now announce that we, LinkWorth, of sound mind and body, we’ll soon have a nice fat list of new products and newly updated products already on the list. One of which will be referred to as “LinkPost“. It will be a glorified use of what we’ve had for a couple of years with a few additional bells and whistles on it. These added features are going to be so simple, but so “I can’t believe this hasn’t already been done” simple. We have no need for new website names or anything, we’re just going to add it to our product list. These will be launched completely after “Extreme Makeover: ‘Web’ Edition” has completed our amazing transformation. 😀 (Yes I have thought of a show like this already, but I just don’t think the stories are sad enough to have many interested in it, but it would be fun!)

We are extremely excited we’re nearing the time to unveil all of our hard work. We hope you are as well. Our goal is to begin stuffing our customer’s pockets with more money from better products and an easier flowing website to simplify the process.