Being a Dallas Mavericks fan, I was thinking of the Mavs and their preparation for the NBA Finals. I realized their strategical and mental planning was not complete and well thought through. Had they continued their hard work even when the winning was happening, when the tough times popped up, they could have easily gotten through and eventually taken home the championship.

The biggest task to in building a text link advertising campaign is strategical and mental planning. Our client services department analyzes your keywords/phrases, builds traditional text link ads, rotating text link ads and even billboard page ads. Once these items are developed, and the monthly budget is acquired, the client services dept. will begin completing and launching your text ad campaign. We continue to research and plan these campaigns for the future, even if they are performing at high levels.

I know this is a bit goofy, but I was just thinking of how our NBA team flopped in the finals and started realizing LinkWorth operates like a true NBA champion. Go Mavs and Go LinkWorth!