So, after one very long week, we’re back in the office after exhibiting at SES San Jose. Road-weary, tired, and in need of a liver transplant….we’re back mostly unscathed.

One big question Ron and I had going into this thing was, “are we really going to get enough out of this trade show to justify the expense of exhibiting and bringing the five of us out to California for a week?” It may be a bit premature to wager a guess but for now I’d say, “absolutely!”

In addition to the obvious “fun stuff” like the Google Dance and SearchBash, we were probably more productive on the floor than even I’d hoped we’d be. We were fortunate to have a great location in the exhibit hall and the amount of foot traffic we had was about all you could ask for. We had a good game-plan for visitors along with the obligatory t-shirts, pens, & coupons to give away. And for me, it was just nice having the opportunity to really brand ourselves as opposed to just being there, talking to people, and attending the events.

I had the pleasure of speaking with a few different executives whose sole purpose of attending the show was to meet us in person and that was an awesome feeling. Especially since they weren’t even clients yet! We were also able to meet a few of our current Advertisers and Partners which is always a thrill for me. Hell, even Mr. Cutts came by our booth to say hello! (And he was extremely pleasant, I might add.)

So, to everyone that stopped by, THANKS FOR STOPPING BY!

I can now say “mission accomplished” without hesitation and feel really good about it. Now we have to convert our opportunities and all that jazz but as it stands right now, I think it was well worth the expense and the effort.