I think it’s safe to say all of us would love to have a fortune. Crappin’ on solid gold toilets that wipe your ass for you, sleeping on mattresses stuffed full of one hundred dollar bills for comfort or having the ability to buy ANYTHING in the world you wanted. We’ve all heard it before, money does not buy happiness, but I think we all agree it makes life more comfortable.

The hypothetical today deals with the type of filthy rich people that exist, well known and unknown. Everyone has heard of Bill Gates who’s worth $56 billion, but not many of us have heard of David Thomson who’s worth $22 billion. If you had the chance, which would you be?

  1. Receive $25 billion and have absolutely no life or notoriety in society, but you obviously live a comfortable, yet lame life.
  2. Receive $50 billion and be the most famous and most recognized names in the world. You live a high profile life with everything you do being monitored by reporters and paparazzi. You really have nowhere to go for privacy due to your fame.