While most advertisers and partners as well, are still getting used to our latest new technology in Billboard Link Ads, LinkWorth has been working on yet another new and innovative contextual advertising product. Rotating Keyword Ads (RKA’s) is the newest product offered by LinkWorth and while it is not a technology no one is using on the internet, it is definitely not a service that is very easy to find offered. One of the easiest ways to stay ahead of your competition and run a very profitable online business is to keep up with the latest and greatest technology used for online promotion. LinkWorth has the goal to keep itself and it’s customers in the driver’s seat of ground breaking advertising technology. Now on to our new product, RKA’s.

When an advertiser gets ready to launch an effective contextual ad campaign, they must consider a multitude of possible options and techniques in order to make it a successful one. Just throwing something out blindly would be a quick route to failure, so “having your ducks in a row” is important. For example, the online advertising industry has many possible keywords; ROI, targeted, traffic, visitors, demographic, unique clicks, unlimited traffic and so on. While one advertiser’s mouth may water when seeing the keyword ROI, the next advertiser may get excited at the term unlimited traffic. So the trick is to find that right keyword or key phrase that sparks the level of interest from a potential customer. If a text link ad is placed on a high traffic site and the visitors from this site happened to mostly like the term ROI, yet the text ad mentioning unlimited traffic was placed, the conversion rates might be horrible. As one could see, selecting the right verbiage is extremely important.

Let us introduce a cure to situations like these…Rotating Keyword Ads…now it is possible to select the right keyword or key phrase every time. The creation of the text ad is almost identical to that of a traditional text link ad, except rather than listing one keyword or key phrase for the anchor text, a list of keywords can be used. The creation would go something like this if creating a RKA for the example given above:

1. Create a reference name…basically a name that is only used within the LinkWorth account.

2. The next field would be where keywords/phrases are entered. Place each title/keyword/anchor text (whichever you prefer to call it) on a line by itself. This means after the first keyword is entered, press the return or enter key to go to the next line. Do not separate by commas as this will treat it as one long keyword or phrase.

3. The next field is the website url, or web address which is being promoted. Only one web address is placed here. This could be a homepage address or a subpage address. Try to stay away from redirection url’s or variable filled addresses as this can often deter visitors.

4. Following the address is the description field. Supply a small but catchy description the user will read to know what will be found on the other side of this hyperlink. Making long and wordy descriptions are very ineffective, so try to keep it short and sweet.

5. Finally is the category that best fits this Rotating Keyword Ad. This is pretty straight forward.

This is the extent of creating a RKA. Now the way it works is fairly simple as well. Only partner websites who allow feeds to appear on their sites can participate with these types of ads, as special coding other than static html is needed. If the partner site allows PHP, ASP or CFM coding, then that partner can place RKA links on their site.

Once a partner has placed the line of code provided to them on their website, the RKA is immediately live and working. Each time the advertisement is shown, a keyword in the list is shown. The next visit or page view will be shown the next keyword on the list. This will continue to happen to each and every page view no matter if it is the same person or all new visitors. It will recycle the list continuously allowing all of your keywords and/or key phrases to be used. So if the right keyword is in the list, the conversions will start racking up.

Like always, if there are any questions or comments regarding this new product, please login to your account and submit a support ticket. LinkWorth hopes our new products bring as much success as possible.