The single most asked question here at LinkWorth, which is a great question…”Where is my money?”. Any partner account that has text links placed on their site wants to make sure they receive their money each month. Well, hopefully we will do a good job of providing the answers to everyone’s question about partner payouts so this question will not come up as much. Of course there may be issues that arise, and we definitely do not mind answering the question, but it might save the partners the time to ask us the question. Or even get upset because they did not understand our policies. So here is the nuts and bolts of partner payouts, which can also be found here:

Terms of all deals are set as month to month commencing on the 1st day of each month. The initial creation of any deal will be for the remainder of the current month created, then the deal will renew automatically on the 1st of the next calendar month. Terms can never be changed or altered.

Payments are made on the 5th day of each month, or the first business day thereafter if the 5th falls on a holiday or weekend. All money paid is for transactions that occurred prior to the current month you are being paid on. So if the payment is made on January 5th, it will be for all money earned before January 1. Payments are made how you request them to be paid. To find optional methods of being paid, login to your account and visit the ACCT INFO >> PAYMENTS section for more information.

Renewals happen on the 1st of each month. All deals automatically renew each and every month unless the advertiser or partner cancels. Renewals that happen on the 1st of January will not be paid to the partner until the 1st of February. All payments are held until the term being paid is over. This gives advertisers the insurance their link remains for the time paid. Renewals are always for your full price agreed to upon the deal creation. Renewals can never be changed in price.

Amounts can always vary when a deal is initially created. As stated in the terms section, when a deal is first created, it is for the remainder of the current month, which will provide a prorated dollar amount for the first month. If a price is set for $100 per month, an advertiser buys a link from your site on the 15th of the month, the deal is for the remaining 15 days of the current month and the total amount paid initially would be $50.00. This will cover the remaining 15 days of the month and the deal will auto-renew for the full $100 on the 1st of the next month. In this situation, partners will be paid the prorated amount on the next month’s payout, as long as the minimum payout has been met.

Amounts of payouts will consist of all transactions accumulated prior to the current month being paid, less 30% retained by LinkWorth for use of our system. It will also consist of any affiliate referral payments and affiliate recurring commissions from referrals. If you have used any of your unpaid money to become a featured partner listing, this will be deducted from your payout and noted on your invoice. If you have a combo account and converted any of your unpaid money into advertising dollars, this will also be deducted from your payout amount. So the shortened equation of your payout amount is:

Links Sold (-) 30% (+) Affiliates (+) Affiliate Recurring (-) Featured Listing (-) Converted Ad Dollars


Minimum payout refers to the dollar amount a partner must meet before payment is made. The default, and lowest possible minimum payout is $25.00 USD. When invoices are created, if the amount owed has not met the minimum payout, it will remain unpaid money in that partner’s account until the next payout of the following month. Minimum payouts can be set up to $250 if desired.

Invoices will be created if payment is made each month. The invoices are available in your account by browsing to ACCT INFO >> PAYOUTS. These invoices and payout listings will detail what each refers to. Each invoice with a link to view can be easily printed for your records if needed. No paper invoices will be sent with payments any longer since this information can be attained easily from within your account.

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