We are happy to annouce our newest tool built for partners. The biggest reason for a new website listing to be declined is pricing. If the price set is not competitive, as stated in the partner guidelines, we are not going to approve it. We want to help you sell links and in order for this to happen, your pricing is one of the most important factors. Since this is a common problem, we have built a pricing tool will generate an average price range for any website.

To use the tool it is very easy. Login to your Partner account, click on the TOOLS menu option, then click on the sub menu option LINK PRICE. On this page, enter your domain as www.yoursite.com, then press the “GET QUOTE” button. It will display the stats gathered and used to determine the price and it will give a price range for each link location.

This tool is currently in beta mode. We are still testing the mathematical equations involved, but for the most part, it’s pretty accurate. The prices given are based on fair market prices within LinkWorth. We are still working to ensure it is as accurate as possible, but as it stands now, we strongly suggest partners to use this tool when determining their prices.

Here is an example print out of the tool:


Link Placement Price Range
Home Page Price: $ 80.00 To $ 100.00
Sub Page Price: $ 50.00 To $ 60.00
Entire SiteRun Price: $ 125.00 To $ 150.00
Criteria Value
Page Rank: 6
Link Rank: 6
Yahoo! Dir: No
Outbound Links: 4
Pages Indexed: 167
Alexa Ranking: 18426

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