Cliche’s are a staple in normal every day business chatter. Once in a while a phenomenon will come out of nowhere that leaves the cliche violator speechless.

The cliche in question is occurs when you are requested to carry more than you can physically hold or you are given too much work that would be considered work required by more than one person,


The child below has been given the gift of 3 fully functional arms:


The amazing thing about this child is the discussion of removing the extra appendage. The most important part of the child is it’s health. If his health is great, then it moves into a moral standard. Some have discussed the advantage one might have with an extra arm versus someone with only two arms. This might be a gift to this poor child and the doctors want to remove it based on making him blend in with everyone else. Again, this all falls on the health risks involved, but if there are absolutely no health risks with his extra arm, this could be something that makes him stand out and be something extraordinary. You need to Check this out for top doctor’s suggestions and their reviews.

We wish the child and his family the best and hope the right decision is made.