New website, new customer backend . . . and our poor blog was feeling very left out. It is something we have wanted to do for a while, we just had too many other project taking up our time. I personally hated the last theme being used and after a couple suggestions yesterday to change our blog, I made it my personal Saturday project.

There’s something to say about not reinventing the wheel, but there is nothing wrong with tailoring a proven product to do what fits best. I’ve been looking at blog themes, customizing blog themes and just writing our own theme. The one theme I felt was clean and well built was the old Copyblogger theme which is available for download. One great feature is the ability to use the custom.css for easy changing of the look. I took the theme, made the customizations to fit our overall look, and have it up and running.

We’ll probably make a few more tweaks once our graphics guy gets on it. (He’s real picky!) Ok, it’s time for me to get out.