I came across this thread over at SEW Forums where they are talking about a possible way to help your “sandboxed” site get listed faster in Google. The trick sounds pretty interesting, but I’m sure now that it’s out in the open, Goo will find a way to axe the results IF it really works. Here’s the breakdown…

Let’s look at the following as an example of Dave’s advice.

I launch a new site at www.RedWidget.dom

It’s all about (obviously) Red Widgets and Y and M think it is a great site and rank it well as we have undertaken some SEO (on and off page), it provides the greatest content out there and DESERVES to be there at #1

Unfortunately as the Red Widget domain is newly registered and it is NOT a CC TLD (another lil clue there people) it doesn’t rank for diddley squat on the mighty Google, other than maybe some obscure image searches.

Thankfully I have a few well established, old sites and domains out there. I choice to pick one, that is on theme (no harm in using on theme IMHO) and is called www.RedAndYellowWidgets.com. I decide to replicate the content from redwidgets.dom to either (and this is where I add to Dave’s work above) a subdomain on the old domain


or a subdirectory on the old domain


It just so happens that instead of leaving the defacto standard header information within the pages, I adapt the date that my web server *thinks* the pages were created and backdate it by, I don’t know, let’s try a year or two.

I place a link from a well crawled page (maybe the homepage?) on my site (or maybe links from other sites, maybe bought links, maybe a site map submission or even just some prolific toolbar usage) just so that it gets noticed by a certain search engine spider. Once that is done I wait.

I wait and wait and wait (probably just a few days) until the site has been spidered properly (I’d suggest MozBot, but you may think differently) and then I would 301 every page on the OLD site to the NEW site.

Hopefully you’ll see your rankings increase on G to match those on M and Y!

You know, if you have an old domain that is indexed well and a new site that is in the box, no reason why you can’t give it a shot. If it works… woohoo!

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