I thought this would be a fun game to see how much Google is really worth. Sure we hear numbers thrown at us from time to time; we know their stock prices are ridiculous and that they’re one of the biggest companies in the world, but what does that mean to the average Joe? Let’s see how much we have to work with and what we can do with that money:

  1. Currently, the market value of Google is right at $140 Billion. That’s $140,000,000,000.00.
  2. That could make 140,000 people millionaires.
  3. It would take someone making $50k annually, 2.8 million years to make that much.
  4. It would take someone making $250k annually, 560,000 years to make that much.
  5. You could buy every single song available at itunes, 40,000 times.
  6. It could buy 530,303 average homes at the current value of $264k each.
  7. They could give every single American $450 each and every human on earth $20 and still have some left over.
  8. While it is a lot of money, it’s a mere 1.5% of the U.S. National Debt
  9. It’s only half of the market value of Microsoft.
  10. It could put over 4.5 million kids through a 4 year private college And put over 10.5 million kids through a 4 year public college.
  11. It would pay over 28 million people’s health care for one year.
  12. You could buy 9.3 billion hamburgers, which would equal 1.4 burgers for every human on the earth.
  13. It could pay the NBA salaries for over 50 years.
  14. It could pay for almost all online spending for one full year.
  15. They could buy 3.5 billion text ads from LinkWorth for 1 month :).
  16. They could have purchased over 93,000 Randfish proposals during the Super Bowl.
  17. You could buy over half a million top end Lamborghini’s.
  18. It would only pay for around 30% of the Iraq war.
  19. They could pay for the next 350,000 years of current Presidential salaries.
  20. And, it’s roughly $140 billion more dollars than I have!