As a newbie to the SEO game I am constantly reading anything related to this industry, but I am not going to lie, I do spend lots of time playing with slotzo roulette games, it’s so fun . There is more information than you can shake a link at and one thing all the information has in common is nobody agrees about anything and everyone is guessing.

“In these matters the only certainty is that nothing is certain.”
-Pliny the Elder

SEO is a constant battle with the big, bad algorithm. More specifically, the Google algorithm that haunts the cubicles of offices near and far. It seems to me that the majority opinion of Google in the SEO world is that of “Big Brother”, intrusive and oppressive. Kind of like the Wal-Mart of the Internet. I understand why this is true but I also understand why Google’s algorithm has to be so intricate and mysterious. Reason is—-Most people suck and will do anything to get ahead.

I like Google’s moto of “Don’t Be Evil” although sometimes it seems they don’t follow their own advice as with the Orkut pedophile situation and releasing individuals private information. That being said, I like that Google will fight for relevancy and try to keep the organic search results “natural”. Kind of a strange position for me to take considering I get my beer money selling links. Although that is what I do, my company is by no means black hat and we spend countless hours selecting the most reputable and relevant links available.

Obviously Google is doing something right and I believe as their algorithms become more and more advanced the end result will be a more relevant, informative and useful Internet. Algorithms are complicated, SEO doesn’t have to be. Just create good content, solid site architecture and relevant links and let the Page Ranks fall, or rise as they may.