Just checking in from sunny Miami on our last day of the Affiliate Summit. It’s been a great trip so far and we learned a lot from this conference in how we want to restructure our own affiliate program. We listened to several super affiliates in how they view affiliate programs and how they like to see them setup to make it attractive. It was close to what our original ideas were, but definitely more input and ideas to add to our restructuring. If you’re a current affiliate or just plan to be an affiliate in the near future, keep a lookout for our new program. There will be commissions paid on both advertiser and partner referrals. We’re also going to make it as lucrative as possible.

Also along the way we flew through D.C. to see our boy Juan “The Colombian Crusher” Gallego get married off. The wedding was great, the families were great, the hospitality was more than it should have been and most importantly, the bride and groom looked awesome! A HUGE congrats to our developer Juan and his lovely wife Julianna on their marriage. Now if we can just get them back to Dallas!

Tonight, our last night in Miami, we’re headed to Dolphin Stadium to see The Police. We picked up the tickets last minute and somehow scored some really good seats. I’ll chime back in and let you know how the show went. Until next time.