This update was planned to go live in November of 2010, however, we continued to get new suggestions and found additional areas to upgrade, which pushed things back until now. And while it is mostly on the Advertiser side of things, it was done to help increase sales for our partners.

The biggest changes you’ll notice will be on the “My Products” and “Shop” pages. We’ve upgraded technology, improved processes and made it much easier to build, launch and maintain your campaigns.

Here are some of the highlights:

  • New Shop page where you can search for all products on one page
  • More filters added for searching
  • Instant purchase or add to cart/wish list
  • Listings can be clicked to expand for additional information
  • New Cart page that allows you to easily change items
  • Long-term discounts now offered on recurring products
  • All changes on cart updates instantly
  • Buy multiple LinkPosts and space them out with one Partner
  • Update to My Products pages to decrease number of clicks to navigate
  • We have updated Sponsored Listings for partners to make it very simple

This is the upgrade in a nutshell. To really experience it, you just have to login and give it a run. We would love feedback, so if you run into any issues or have questions or suggestions, please click the feedback button in the bottom right and let us know.

Yesterday we also experienced a server failure that hosted our blog and support software. We’re happy to have everything restored on a much nicer server. Sorry for any inconveniences.