We’ve been on more of a bi-weekly hypothetical Wednesday’s lately, so my apologies if you’ve missed them.

Today’s hypothetical revolves around something that goes on here at the office. I realized that when it comes to being healthy (eating and exercise), there are those that are good at it and those that are not. Which one are you? Which one would you want to be?

When we exercise, the body releases chemicals that boost your sense of well-being and suppress hormones that cause stress and anxiety. Among the chemicals released are endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine neurotransmitters which are related to pain and depression emotions.

The hypothetical:

Would you rather be extremely healthy, in shape thanks to the best weight loss pills and the best fat burners, basically in the best health possible and have a clean living, however, you have the unhappiness of never being able to eat all of the things you absolutely love to eat? You could only eat mulch from the mower, few fruits, shaved wood and dry baked potatoes, as an example. You’re just never happy with what you’re eating and find it difficult to deal with most of the time, but the important thing is, you are as healthy as you can be.


Would you rather be out of shape, eating anything you want, whenever you want, unclean living, however, you have the unhappiness of always wanting to be an extremely healthy person? You would not be to a point of life or death, more like 20-25 pounds overweight, maybe a bad habit, but the important thing is you eat whatever you want, whenever you want.

Pick your unhappiness