Thought of the Day – Ungrateful People

It amazes me how ungrateful people can really be.

  • You stick up for someone, they find a reason to bitch and complain.
  • You give people a chance to do what they love to do, they turn on you and treat you like dirt.
  • You speak highly of someone and they end up speaking horrible about you.
  • You give someone something they’ve not yet deserved, then then are unappreciative and become greedy.

Yes, this refers to a particular person I know, knew, whatever you want to call it, but it’s amazing how fast people turn when money is involved. Business can be exciting and it can also be gut wrenching, but one thing is for sure, through all the trash you have to go through, eventually you’ll find the treasure you’re looking for.

Just because I hate negativity, I’ll end this with GO COWBOYS and it sure is nice to be undefeated rather than winless!

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Thought of the Day? The Term ARGUS

Coming up with unique names to differentiate you from the rest of the world is quite the common practice these days. This led me to add a new portion to our blog where occasionally we’ll have a “Thought of the Day”.

So those that are familiar with PPP, they have this new release coming out and they are calling it “ARGUS

I researched Wikipedia and there are all kinds of meanings of the term “Argus“. But then you hit the disambiguation definitions and you name it, that’s what Argus means.

But it still just seemed like I had heard of this before and couldn’t put my finger on it. As I walk into my office today and put my laptop bag down, BOOM!, it hit me, there’s the name on my laptop backpack! I see the name TARGUS every day when I grab my laptop backpack. So the thought of the day is, did the PPP crew get so creative that someone in the office has a TARGUS bag, maybe something was covering up the “T” and they were like, “THAT’S IT! WE’LL CALL IT ARGUS!” ??

When we launched our new control center, we called it NCCv1, which just meant “New Control Center Version 1”. Our 2nd release was going to be named Dv2CC, which stood for “Dustin’s Version 2 Control Center” but unfortunately Dustin decided to chase a few extra bucks over a great job, so we’ll wait and see once we find a new designer that can finish the project before we give it a new name. plus, according to a recent job applicant, Dustin Myers designs like a 2nd grader! **Update** Seems I ruffled some feathers with our previous designer Dustin Myers by my comments, even though I was taking up for him, but after his continued rude emails, I chose to remove what I said so people reading the page could not see.

So I guess that’s a few thoughts of the day. I’ll try to shorten them up in the future, but I always have weird thoughts.

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