Since this is our 2nd week, for those who are new to it, each Wednesday we will feature a hypothetical to help people step outside of their daily work for just a few minutes. Use your imagination and try to put yourself in each situation and how you would handle it. So here we go.

Today’s hypothetical comes down to money and personal space.

You learn that you’ve just won the largest lottery prize in the history of lotteries. You have the only winning ticket. $50,000,000,000 (50 BILLION). You have two options to bring home the money:

  1. You can keep all $50 billion, no taxes owed, but your life will become a headline story on a daily basis. Everything you do will be plastered all over magazines and every wrong move you make will turn into headline news. Paparazzi will always be on your tail.


  2. You will have to continue your full time job without the option to quit, be fired or terminated. Your money will be a complete secret, meaning you cannot tell a single person what happened. This includes spouses, kids, best friends, attorney, mom or dad. After taxes, charities, and miscellaneous fees, you’ll walk away with $20 billion.

So which would you go for? The full $50 billion dollars and the crazy public lifestyle or a very secretive life always having to dance around the fact you just paid cash for a nice car?