Ad-tech – San Francisco – 2010 – Discount Code

adtech_sf_logo_small1LinkWorth will be exhibiting at the Ad:tech conference in San Francisco on April 20-21. We’ll be located at booth #5973, which to most of you, will mean absolutely nothing. I honestly can’t say I’ve ever visited a conference and paid any attention to booth numbers. This is where we’ll be, so if you’re attending, please stop by and ask Robin to sing you her original “Linky” song. She has a great voice and the song is really good too. Also be sure to ask David why they call him “Ace”.

If you have not signed up to attend Ad:tech and want to go, we have a nice little offer for you. Just follow our special link here and you’ll get a $200 discount on a full conference pass. They’re not cheap, so discounts are always great. If the link doesn’t transfer our code, use this:

Ad:tech San Francisco Discount Code: LWADTEC

Just remember…”Have a DrinkWorth with LinkWorth which could lead to InkWorth, and then you’ll wake up in a StinkWorth probably needing a ShrinkWorth.”

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Ad:Tech San Francisco – Next Week

adtech_sf_logo_small1Ad:tech San Francisco is starting up next week (April 21-23) with the actual exhibit hall being Tuesday the 22nd & Wednesday the 23rd. LinkWorth will have a booth on the 2nd floor right as you walk in the entrance, booth 2545.

This is our first trip to one of the ad:tech conferences. We’ve always chosen other conferences in the past but this year we wanted to give it a shot. We hear it’s one of the busiest, as far as foot traffic, and also a really good time, but we’ll see how things go.

If you’re attending, please stop by and ask Jeffrey about his hair.

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