Scheduled Downtime Today

        LinkWorth Cleanup Time
        LinkWorth Cleanup Time
We have sent out emails to everyone regarding our downtime today, but just in case your email didn’t make it, you must know we have a scheduled downtime today for upgrades. We’re cleaning things up!

Our services will be shut down at 6:00 PM Central Standard Time, today 8.11.09, for approximately one (1) hour. (That is -6:00 GMT)

We’ll be moving datacenters and to much faster equipment with lots of room to grow. This will help with lagging load times for ad feeds and also allow certain parts of our network to go down and not affect the main ad serving machines.

The best way to keep up with everything going on will be through our Twitter feed. We’ll be making constant updates to keep everyone informed during this upgrade and others still to come.

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