Google kicks ass in search. There’s no doubt there. It seems they are continually jumping into anything and everything they can, but nothing has really become as successful as their search product.

Now the talk is about their new open source web browser, Chrome. When I hear “Chrome”, I think of shiny metal on cars. I also think of a band I always dug back in the day called Catherine Wheel who put out an album called “Chrome”. Can Google recreate the word “Chrome” with a shiny, cool web browser? Tough road to climb.

I’m giving it a test run now and it will take some getting used to, but the initial look and feel is very ‘Google’; simple and clean. I’ll be waiting to hear of data collection claims by the smart people who will dissect the source code, but for now, I’ll use it sparingly.

Here’s a collection of features the current version has with a video.

Have you tried it out yet? Thoughts?