Thank you to the wonderful turnout to our Pubcon happy hour, one of the biggest things I returned with was the awesome feedback from each party that I spoke with.  Everyone had the common issues they wanted addressed and I just wanted to briefly run down the obvious issues for the others who were not there:

  1. “Link Not Found” spider issues.  We are fully aware of this issue and it’s as much of a pain for us as it is for you.  We have a new spider option that should cut down on many issues and we are working to get it up and running.
  2. “Usability” issues.  When our site was initially put together, our offering was simple and to the point.  As we have grown, our menu options have gone completely backwards making it very difficult to navigate and we already have a replacement which will go with number 3.
  3. “Website Design” upgrade!  Yes, we understand our site can greatly use a facelift.  Again, initially our site was put together to make pages load as fast as possible.  Our system is database intensive and we would rather lower image quality and have faster page loads than vice versa.  But we’re bringing on a dedicated individual for this project and future projects.

We greatly appreciate your patience through our growing pains and can assure you the LinkWorth upgrade soon to come in the next year will be full of great new products, new sleek design and a very easy layout targeted towards usability.