Business 2.0 put together a list of the next big Web 2.0 startups. It’s a great read to go through and find more info on each of these companies. Some the sites I’ve seen before, but I had no idea how big they really are, with others being brand new to me. Here is a condensed version of the list:

1. – Something so simple, yet so much fun. It’s channel surfing, on the web.

2. – A fancy software that slides photos. You’ll see it all over myspace.

3. – A social marketing community that has a bit more privacy than myspace.

4. – This is one I had not heard of but instantly was attached to. Organize all your chat programs into a single browser window. Unlike running a program on your computer, it’s run inside your browser.

5. – this is an obvious one most have heard of, wikipedia.

6. – While not officially launched yet, they claim it’s going to be the new wave of internet television. They are accepting beta users currently.

7. – A tool that allows the organization of videos into play lists, which can be shared.

8. – Youtube on roids. Metacafe has a program that pays submitters based on number of views.

9. – video production service for geek related shows. A founder of Digg behind this.

10. – a platform for syndicating online shows.

11. – move over vonage, here comes fon. Fon, like Vonage, uses existing big company networks and creates networks on top of existing networks. “Foners” install a wireless router and allow people to connect to their router. This occurs all over the world.

12. – track the movement of your mobile pals.

13. – use your mobile phone to find services within your vicinity.

14. – upload phone photos for others to view and comment on.

15. – allows a mobile phone to search documents on a pc.

16. – advertising program with a multitude of options or outcomes and advertisers pick how they would pay per scenario.

17. – one of the more uninteresting companies/services in the list. I think is more exciting with more to offer, but hey, congrats to them for getting where they are. Oh yeah, they provide advertising similar to Adbrite and ProductExpert.

18. – the LinkWorth of the mobile industry. 😀 No, serves ads through mobile phones.

19. – a one stop shop for low cost 30 second tv spots. Huge investments made to this company.

20. – it’s youtube with infomericials. Corporate companies get to promote their products through this site. Create product/service videos and upload for all to watch.

21. – give up half your profits to bring on successful management.

22. – a tool to consolidate all of your logins into one single login.

23. – automates the creation of your logo for business cards, stationary and such.

24. – sells a virtual web assistant or secretary that handles daily agenda’s.

25. – FINALLY something I have wanted for so long! A way to convert voice messages into text for text messages or emails. So while driving down the road, no more running over innocent people while trying to type in an email or text message, you can just talk into the phone and have it type for you. Thank you simulscribe!

I also want to send a thanks to Tom Nguyen for sending this story to me. Great read.