With the greatness of StumbleUpon, a time killer in itself, making some kind of organization can sometimes help find the best of the best. So no more wasting time, here is my top 10:

  1. Papervision3D – Click on the images and enjoy the craziness.
  2. – This is one is a great time killer if you are into the night sky and what exactly is out there.
  3. – Stellarium takes the sky-map above, to a whole new level. If you want to see exactly what you see when you look at any part of your sky at any time of the day, download and install the freeware software. It is open source and there are no ads or anything involved. Learn about all stars and constellations. You can even have falling stars while you’re gazing.
  4. I’ve got a big bag of crabs – Something that puts you in a transe and you can’t take your eye’s off.
  5. Killer Music Player – This is a very cool music tool that allows you to build your music and listen to it.
  6. Unusual Deaths – this is a wiki version that has all of the popular deaths and how they died. It tends to focus on the real bizarre.
  7. Super cool fast animated video’s of cosmos. Speed time up to see the future faster.
  8. Wildcard – This is a definite time kill. There are 5 options to mess with down in the lower left corner.
  9. Popular Links For All – Social bookmarking to a new level. Everything you could possibly need.
  10. What song was on your birth date – Enter your birth date and see what music was the top hit on that day.

There are loads more, so I’ll try to do it 5 at a time since 10 takes too long. It took me a good hour to do this for being sidetracked.