These are ten factors one can check when trying to decide if a particular website is worth the link:

10: High link popularity score (more inbound links) run site: (siteurl).

9: High PageRank in Google toolbar. 4-5 up to 7 or 8. (mean’s they’re indexed well, usually)
8: Well laid out site with easy navigation from page to page throughout the site.

7: Pages full of content with regard to the site theme.

6: The page has a well indexed cache stored on Google/Yahoo/MSN, along with recent date.

5: The inbound/backlinks are mostly from sites on topic and are full of relative content.

4: The partner site has only outbound links to other same theme sites.

3: The outbound links are very limited. Below 10 is good, but preferrably below 5 outbounds.

2: The partner website/domain has an age minimum of 2-3 years old through registrar.

1: The price is relatively competitive and the partner is trustworthy.

Just like any list, there are many additional steps that one can follow, but these are the 10 we’ve decide to make for this list. The best way to finalize your own steps, is to run and test campaigns on your own.