If you are any type of statistician, then this topic is something you already know. If you are a novice to analytics, or know nothing at all, then this might be of some interest to you, especially if you pay for marketing like CPC or CPM. Now this info is a generalized statement, but depending on your market, it could be completely different. The best thing to do is study your server logs to see trends on daily visits/sales/leads.

In several markets that I personally have been in charge of online marketing over the past 10 years, all had very similar “big days” in which sales/visits/leads were the highest. I have gathered data still in my possession to get a breakdown of biggest to smallest days with regard to the best days to push your marketing dollar to its limit. Again, if you sell a product that only works on Saturday, then this will not work for you, so please use this as a general guide for the typical type service or product. Everyone should do a good 3-5 month study of your own logs to determine the best for your website.

The breakdown of best to worst days of the week are as follows:

  1. Thursday – The best day for sales
  2. Wednesday – A close second
  3. Tuesday – Big swings from really bad to really good
  4. Friday – Averages really close to Tuesday
  5. Monday – Weekend hangover, people still asleep.
  6. Saturday – People are busy, but the evenings can be big.
  7. Sunday – Can be really good, but for the most part this day is the worst on average.

How this information can help you is by suggesting you put more of your budget into the better days rather than the lesser days. When it comes to Pay-Per-Click, your market may take quite a bit to be in the top 3 positions. If you pull your bid down on the off days, it will allow you to push it to the top on big days, giving you a much better ROI (return on investment).

The last tip would be to be careful of click fraud. If your market is a high dollar per click, more than likely it’s a target for click fraud. In this situation, you will need to monitor your traffic to make sure it’s not some sort of automated traffic making some search engine affiliate’s pocket thicker. I strongly suggest using some sort of web analytics tracking software so if click fraud is occurring, you have